Im Shutdown in einer Wiener Stadtwohnung Tag

Posted On Mai 10, 2020By Elke AuerIn Allgemein, Litmag, News, SHUT DOWN 2020

elke auer: face down

Culturmag Special SHUT DOWN 2020 face down mayday. already. still still. no rain. purple toes. purple pain. the shoulders want to be with the ears. much. somatic echoes. jitter. thumbs up. kitzlochspitter. face in the crowd. the niece. face down in the dirt. if we dig. sand. clay. loam. hard facts. hard feelings. wet markets. violence. wet speech. whale blubber. die coronavirus familie. conflict ridden. im kanal. chemische signatur einer community. yahya hassan ist tot. threats and threads. cigarettes. things. better things. vessels. warm stones. green tea. brown rice. donauinsel. artemis roaming.Read More