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James Grady: Uneasy Riders

            We’re riding the motorcycles of our lives.             We’re riding with the Autobahn called 2023 in our rearview mirrors.             Green lines of “data” stream all around us like the hard rain predicted by a winner of the Nobel Prize For Literature.  “Artificial Intelligence” – first warned about by a science fiction author in 1917 – clicks into those hard rain green streams to…to… To cancel any re-runs of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie The Terminator.  We ride alone – and yet not.             We’re riding together. You. Me. Our loved ones on two wheels roaring beside us.Read More
„First we take Manhattan…Then we take Berlin.“ (Leonard Cohen)             2022 whacked us numb.             Whacko right wing fanatics inspired by the kooks of America’s Q-Anon try to overthrow Germany. Turkey — whose dictator imprisoned novelist Ahmet Altan for „subliminal thoughts“ — threatens Germany with war over the Aegean.             A war pounds Ukraine to rubble laced by rivers of tears, blood and heroes‘ sweat. Hatred and greed push refugees into Bonn and Barcelona. Into Belfast and Boston. Their not your „morality police“ punish women, then men, the easier to whip the children with lies. Big BrothersRead More

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James Grady

Our Train by James Grady   Riding Train 2021You. Me. Everybody.Wearing masks even if no one else can see them.Somebody coughs.Steel wheels go klak-klak, klak-klak.Train 2021’s windows flash its days and nights.              The Mad Orange Clown „reality TV“ star President blew his red rubber ball nose so his fans donned video game costumes of Viking horns and ransacked the American freedom that dared to tell him: „You’re fired.“ In Germany, the leaders changed with smiles, respect, flowers.Is that where this train is going?              Scenes out our windows:I hear songs from other trains andRead More

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James Grady: … Condor, again …

Our Never-Ending Story by James Grady             This is the horror and crime stories year we all want to end.             The year 2020 will end, but its story won’t stop.             You all know the story of our now’s horrors and crimes.             The horror of a virus so-far killing 1,503,000 human beings who used to walk this planet with us. The horror of millions of our still-living citizens who wave their cellphones that science gave them but refuse to follow science and wear masks to keep from killing their neighbors and suiciding themselves.              The crimes ofRead More
Jungleland by James Grady             Outside where your world now shelters race the streets of our gone yesterdays that made sense. ‚Wasn’t that you knew what was going on, was that you could feel the walls around you, the floor beneath your feet.              Those yesterdays left on a midnight virus train from the minds of Albert Camus, Stephen King, Edgar Alan Poe, Kurt Vonnegut and zombie movies.              Movies, what will we do now to fall in love with the magic that only comes from seeing movies together, strangers sharing a cinematicRead More

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James Grady: Our Year of the Beast

2019 is the year crime exploded our imaginations.             A year where „trustable“ newspapers‘ headlines read like mashups of Orwell and YouTube, „Blade Runner“ and „The Godfather“, „Mr. Robot“ and „Condor“, while we all struggle to be more than a data click.             Marvel at this year’s data.             Oil companies helping murder the planet their grandchildren need. Squads of killer cops roaming a country celebrated for sensuous sambas of love. Squads of killer cops roaming a dozen other countries. Bullies (finally) popped like balloons by brave women’s bullets. „Respectable“ banks from Panama to Switzerland toRead More