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Krimigedicht: Woody Haut »What Is Noir?«

Woody Haut: What Is Noir?

Is more than darkness. Is
Corruption of the heart. Is
behind closed doors, board-
room or street. Is fucked
Whether you do, don’t sing, 
Moan, sniff or shoot. Is a
ticket to all we have, never
enough. Is greed, lust, a fatal
kiss, the banker, cop, criminal, or
any other poor sucker who
screams for mercy. Is a
dream of autonomy, femme
fatality causality, breathing,
Hey, baby, let’s take it all.”
Is a corpse, a handful of dust
and ultimately who cares, if
the only punishment is death.

Excerpted – with thanks to the author – from On Dangerous Ground: Film Noir Poems (Close to the Bone Publishing, August 2023). Woody Haut has taken fifty classic film noirs and written a poem for each one. His intention: »to take 50 classic examples of film noir, and create a poem surrounding each of them. And, in doing so, investigate not only the  films but the world in which they were made and viewed, then and now. The poems themselves derived from whatever happened to attract my attention: a piece of dialogue, camerawork, lighting, a particular scene, a plot, an individual performance, sartorial style, the director, or simply the film’s ambiance, and its nexus in space and time. In many cases, I ended up writing about those films in terms of their politics, not quite free associating, but more like what poet the late poet Robert Duncan used to call ›tone leading‹.« – Siehe auch bei uns in 2023: Robert Zion mit einem Textauszug zu THE BIG HEAT aus seinem großartigen Buch »Fritz Lang in Amerika«.

Raised in Pasadena, but living in London, Woody Haut is the author of Pulp Culture: Hardboiled Fiction and the Cold WarNeon Noir: Contemporary American Crime Fiction; Heartbreak and Vine: The Fate of Hardboiled Writers in Hollywood; and of the novels Cry For a Nickel, Die For a Dime and Days of Smoke.

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