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AMANDLA* to the Safe-Hubs – A good news story (* Power) – With this country being just in the centre of the worldwide Covid threat again, we are glad that our South African correspondent Sandi Baker has turned up with something different. –The editors. Life in South Africa can be harsh, and this year seems to have been particularly difficult for some, which is why I have been on the lookout for a good news story. And this is one such story. Going quietly under the radar, Safe-Hubs have startedRead More
… written by a crackhead scriptwriter I wanted to write something positive, preferably something about the culture and people of South Africa. Sadly, that was not to be. Instead, just when I thought I could not be bewildered by anything more about South Africa, the ANC showed me the error of my ways. South Africa is scheduled to have local elections on 27 October 2021. These elections are quite important as they affect local service delivery, which has become somewhat erratic, given the close relationship between ANC cadre deployment andRead More

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Sandi Baker: South Africa in turmoil

When winter came In the week of 7 July, winter came to South Africa with a vengeance, cold fronts bringing icy subpolar winds blew in, offering little respite. The events that followed chilled the nation. Living in South Africa is like being on an emotional rollercoaster where you struggle not to be overwhelmed by societal dysfunctionalities, where a trip to the supermarket sees you run the gauntlet and gamut of emotions as you see poverty and inequality at every turn. Those feelings quickly change to intense feelings of guilt thatRead More
Eating our heritage in times of prohibition It has been said that during these covid-times when governments have granted themselves enormous powers under the guise of states of disaster (South Africa) or states of emergency (Botswana, Czech Republic, and Japan, to name but a few), it is wise to ensure that citizen’s rights are not trampled on and to watch out for sneaky pieces of legislation.  In South Africa’s case, not only are citizen’s rights being trampled on by not being allowed to buy alcohol or cigarettes and being underRead More
Jerusalema – Yearning for Home, Yearning for Africa One of the surprising outcomes of Covid-19 has been the viral sensation of the gospel hit Jerusalema written by Master KG and sung by Nomcebo Zikode, both South Africans. – From Sandra Baker. The four-minute 14-second song was initially uploaded eight months ago, on 12 December 2019, and has spread like contagion with over 107 million views, four times the number of Covid-19 infections (30 August 2020). Unsurprisingly, the song featured in the top four South African songs for 2019. But itRead More

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Sandi Baker: Portrait of an artist

Carving skulls in Zimbabwe Getting skulls is never easy. But getting the skulls of domesticated animals such as cattle is possible.  All you have to do is go to the abattoir and arrange with someone in charge to get one. Of course, your request for a whole skull instead of one chopped in two as is usual in southern African countries may be considered a little out of the ordinary. Your request may be regarded as even more extraordinary when you are a blonde mother of two young children standing amongRead More
Protest time in South Africa By Sandi Baker South Africa is a divided country that once prided itself on being the poster child for truth and reconciliation. The people of South Africa went out to march on Friday, 7 April, most against President Zuma but some for him. The marches were relatively peaceful with few incidents of violence and aggression. These were not the usual protests of black South Africans protesting against service delivery in far-flung areas in Limpopo away from the commercial hubs of Gauteng and Cape Town. TheseRead More

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The Kalahari Killings – Jonathan Laverick

A coherent and gripping whodunit Unsere Afrika-Korrespondentin Sandi Baker durfte von diesem Buch schon einen frühen Entwurf lesen. The Kalahari Killings von Jonathan Laverick thematisiert eine unrühmliche britische Vergangenheit in einem Land, das heute wieder Botswana heißt, und spürt einem sensationellen Mordfall aus dem Jahr 1943 nach. In 1943 two trainee RAF pilots were forced to abandoned their aircraft in deep Botswana. They left a note explaining they were looking for supplies and were never seen again. Local Bushmen in the area who had been hunting Giraffe were later charged with their murderRead More
Am 16. April war der „International Holocaust Day“. Während man in vielen Gegenden der Welt feierliche Gedenkstunden abhält, knallt es in Südafrika. CrimeMag berichtet. Bitte beachten Sie, dass das eingebundene Video widerwärtig Gewalt zeigt. 16 April 2015 International Holocaust day – day two of the second round of xenophobia in South Africa by Sandi Baker 16 April 2015 was International Holocaust day, a day that marks the beginning of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and is linked to the 27th day of Nisan on the Hebrew calendar which was on 19Read More

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Movie: Yalom’s Cure

Therapy Session and Biography – Yalom’s Cure is a biography/documentary on the life of Irvin D. Yalom, Existential Psychotherapist, Emeritus Professor and Writer; living Giant of Existential Psychotherapy. The film is a combination of his biography and his existential therapy philosophy and practice. It is the culmination of all his works both fiction and non-fiction and Yalom attempts to impart the wisdom of his eighty plus years combined with his many years of experience as an Existential Therapist. By Sandi Baker Yalom and his wife and their relationship dominate theRead More

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Photographs of the maRock by Aldo Brincat

Wer sich niedliche Vorstellungen von Afrika machen möchte und es gern kuschlig hat, kann sich ja an Ethno-Kitsch à la Alexander McCall-Smith ergötzen. Subkultur geht anders, entgegen jede Erwartungen und Vorstellungen – auch in Botswana. Unsere Südafrika-Korrespondentin Sandi Baker über maRock, Death Metal und den Fotographen Aldo Brincat. Arts in Botswana – a photographic exhibition Photographs of the maRock, black leather clad black urban cowboys in a stunning array of poses is what grabs your eyes at the photographic exhibition of the maRock, currently on at the Sophie Lalonde GalleryRead More
A lawless country with a fine legal system South Africans are funny this way. They like to be in the limelight and like to be considered world class.  It probably has something to do with having been world pariahs for so long. Twenty years ago, we sat on a knife-edge: waiting to hold our first democratic elections, watching the events unfold in Rwanda with a sense of disbelief and a funny feeling that maybe that could still happen to us.  A year before, we were witness to the assassination ofRead More
An average white South African’s take on Madiba – Aus Südafrika von Sandi Baker. When I heard the news that F W De Klerk had unbanned the ANC and that Nelson Mandela was to be released, I was stunned. It was unexpected; I thought it was a trick. I was part of a generation of white South Africans who were at that stage contemplating leaving South Africa to live overseas as there was no opportunity in South Africa, there was increasing unrest and there sanctions against South Africa. I hadRead More

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Sandi Baker zum Tod von Nelson Mandela

Mandela is dead – The headlines scream this out.  The headlines have been prepared well in advance. Earlier in the year, Mandela was hospitalised and the world waited with bated breath, prayer vigils were held. When his children squabbled over his burial place, we ignored them and focused on Mandela and what he stood for. At the time of his death, we celebrate his life, we give thanks for his life. As a nation we are eternally grateful to Mandela for uniting us. “Some are born great, some achieve greatnessRead More

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Roger Smith: Stiller Tod

Goodies, now – Roger Smith’s books are not for the faint of heart. Having previously read and enjoyed Wake up dead and Dust Devils, I was forewarned. But it was not without trepidation that I reached for Capture, the blurb on the back alerting me to the fact that the book had to do with children who were either going to die or who were going to be hurt in someway. Being a mother of small children, reading about child abuse is difficult for me. However, I persevered and readRead More

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Deon Meyer: Sieben Tage

From high tech to low tech – Südafrika ist Krimiland. Für die einen die reine Hölle, die man sensationalistisch in Thriller umsetzen kann, für andere eher eine Gesellschaft, die man genau und sorgfältig beobachten muss. Deon Meyer ist das mit seinem aktuellen Roman „Sieben Tage“ gelungen, findet seine Landsmännin Sandi Baker. Benny Griessel, hard-bitten cop and recovering alcoholic, is back. He is given a case that is 40 days old and the only lead is a set of nude photographs of the victim, attractive lawyer, Henneke Sloet and bizarre, anonymousRead More

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Val McDermid: Vergeltung

Serial Killer satt – Val McDermid hat ein Kinderbuch geschrieben und gleichzeitig eins, das ganz und gar nichts für Kinder ist. Sandi Baker konzentriert sich eher auf die dunkle Seite: The Retribution. “My Granny is a Pirate” is a wonderful light, rollicking, yarn by Val McDermid. Highly recommended for children of all ages.  Her latest fare, “The Retribution” is the opposite – dark, brooding and bleak. It is certainly not recommended  for all ages and perhaps even some of her fans will be put off by the devastation that isRead More

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Val McDermid: Alle Rache will Ewigkeit

A trick of the dark/Alle Rache will Ewigkeit – Mit diesem Roman kehrt Val McDermid sozusagen zu ihren Anfängen zurück. Sandi Baker hat die Originalfassung gelesen. Judging by the reviews, it would appear as if Val McDermid’s fans are split in terms of their reactions to her book Trick of the Dark. On the Goodreads website  alone there are thirty pages of comments about the book.  The and websites show a split of almost equal measure between those who enjoyed the book and those who didn’t.  Comments ranged fromRead More
Anfang Februar vor 200 Jahren wurde Charles Dickens geboren. Aus diesem Anlass fragte das British Council in Berlin: “What would Dickens write – and what would he write about – if he were alive today?” Unsere „Afrika-Korrespondentin” Sandi Baker ist in ihrem „Klassiker-Check“ dieser Fragestellung aus einer ganz spezifischen Perspektive nachgegangen… Hard Times in Kibera Africa is home to some of the biggest slums in the world from Khayelitsha in Cape Town to Kibera in Nairobi. Kibera is one of the biggest slums in the world; it is home toRead More

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Spotlight: Verschollen am Kap

Afrika, besonders Südafrika, erfreut sich in deutschen Zuschauerkreisen und bei TV-Machern großer Beliebtheit. Vor allem ein ganz bestimmtes Afrika. Gerade lief mal wieder ein einschlägiger Zweiteiler. CrimeMag hat unsere Südafrika-Korrespondentin Sandi Baker gebeten, sich den Film anzusehen … Verschollen am Kap – Another Take For many Europeans, Africa exists in two variants. There is the continent ravaged by disaster, conflict and hunger as seen in the news. And there is South Africa. Many TV productions in the last ten years or so have used that country (and to a lesserRead More
Südafrika ist ein spannendes Land, mit einer lebendigen Kunst- und Kulturszene, über die uns unsere Südafrika-Korrespondentin Sandra Baker auf dem Laufenden hält. Diesmal berichtet sie vom „Aardklop-Festival“, das vom 4-9 Oktober 2011 in Potchefstroom (130 km südwestlich von Johannesburg) stattfinden wird. What’s up in Southafrica Hi Folks, After apartheid and its dominant white culture, South Africa presents its cultural identity as the ‚Rainbow nation‘. South Africa has a population that is one of the most varied, polarised and multifaceted in the world. It has been influenced by African, European andRead More

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Mzansi moments – What’s up in Jo’burg?

Südafrika ist ein spannendes Land,  mit einer lebendigen Kunst- und Kulturszene. Deshalb freuen wir uns über unsere neue Südafrika-Korrespondentin Sandra Baker, die uns von nun an auf dem Laufenden halten wird. Diesmal berichtet sie von zwei interessanten Festivals, die im September stattgefunden haben (Jo’burg at 125), bzw. gerade gestartet sind (The Arts Alive festival). Also: Nichts wie hin zum Flughafen und ab nach Jo’burg. Cultural and literary events in South Africa –Hi Folks, for those of you who will be in South Africa, in September and in particular in JohannesburgRead More