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Sachbücher, besprochen von Alf Mayer: Eva Demski: Mein anarchistisches AlbumAlex Harvey: Song Noir. Tom Waits and the Spirit of Los AngelesEnno Kaufhold: St. Pauli Fotografien 1975 – 1985Iain McIntyre (ed.): On the Fly! Hobo Literature and Songs, 1879–1941Anders Petersen: Café Lehmnitz Anarchie im Salon (AM) Die Sache mit der Freiheit hört nicht auf, spannend zu sein, auch und gerade in düsteren Zeiten, konstatiert Eva Demski in ihrem Schlusswort. Vor 50 Jahren war ihre erste Arbeit für den Suhrkamp Verlag die Übersetzung von Daniel Guerins „Anarchismus – Begriff und Praxis“ gewesen. Für ihrRead More
Wrong Side Of The Road by Tom Waits Put a dead cat on the railroad tracks Wolf bains blooming by the tressel Get the eyeball of a rooster Stones from a ditch Wash ‚em down with bilge water Say you’ll never snitch Take the buttons from a yellow jacket Feather from a buzzard Blood from the bounty hunters cold black heart Catch the tears of a widow In a thimble made of glass Tell your mama and your papa They can kiss your ass Poison all the water in theRead More

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Krimigedicht: Tom Waits – What’s He Building?

What’s He Building? by Tom Waits What’s he building in there? What the hell is he building In there? He has subscriptions to those Magazines… He never Waves when he goes by He’s hiding something from The rest of us… He’s all To himself… I think I know Why… He took down the Tire swing from the Peppertree He has no children of his Own you see… He has no dog And he has no friends and His lawn is dying… and What about all those packages He sends. What’sRead More

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Krimigedicht: Tom Waits – Gun Street Girl

Gun Street Girl by Tom Waits Falling James in the Tahoe mud Stick around to tell us all the tail He fell in love with a Gun Street Girl and Now he’s danced in the Birmingham jail. Took a 100 dollars off a slaughterhouse Joe Brought a bran’ new michigan 20 gauge Got all liquored up on that road house corn, Blew a hole in the hood of a yellow corvette Blew a hole in the hood of a yellow corvette. Brought a second hand Nova from a Cuban ChineseRead More
Whistlin’ past the graveyard by Tom Waits I come in on a night train with an arm full of boxcars on the wings of a magpie cross a hooligan night and I busted up a chifferobe way out by the kokomo cooked up a mess of mulligan and got into a fight whistlin‘ past the graveyard steppin‘ on a crack me and mother hubbard papa one-eyed Jack you probably seen me sleepin out by the railroad tracks go on and ask the prince of darkness what about all that smokeRead More
Murder in the red barn von Tom Waits und Kathleen Brennan There was a murder in the red barn Murder in the red barn The trees are bending over The cows are lying down The atumn’s taking over You can hear the buckshot hounds The watchman said to Reba the loon Was it pale at Manzanita Or Blind Bob the raccoon? Pin it on a drifter They sleep beneath the bridge One plays the violin And sleeps inside a fridge There was a murder in the red barn A murderRead More
A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun von Tom Waits it’s raining it’s pouring and you didn’t bring a sweater nebraska’ll never let you come back home and on hollywood and vine by the trifty mart sign and night i’ll be willin‘ to bet there’s a young girl with sweet little wishes and pretty blue dreams standin‘ there and gettin‘ all wet now there’s a place off the drag called the gilbert hotel there’s a couple letters burned out the sign and it’s better then a bus stopRead More
Tom Waits: Bad As Me

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Neue Platten von und mit Trailer Trash Tracys, Tom Waits, Fjoralba Turku, Miles Davis Quintett und Merzouga, gehört von Janine Andert (JA), Tina Manske (TM) und Christina Mohr (CM).Read More