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An average white South African’s take on Madiba – Aus Südafrika von Sandi Baker. When I heard the news that F W De Klerk had unbanned the ANC and that Nelson Mandela was to be released, I was stunned. It was unexpected; I thought it was a trick. I was part of a generation of white South Africans who were at that stage contemplating leaving South Africa to live overseas as there was no opportunity in South Africa, there was increasing unrest and there sanctions against South Africa. I hadRead More

Posted On Dezember 7, 2013By Sandra BakerIn Crimemag, Kolumnen und Themen

Sandi Baker zum Tod von Nelson Mandela

Mandela is dead – The headlines scream this out.  The headlines have been prepared well in advance. Earlier in the year, Mandela was hospitalised and the world waited with bated breath, prayer vigils were held. When his children squabbled over his burial place, we ignored them and focused on Mandela and what he stood for. At the time of his death, we celebrate his life, we give thanks for his life. As a nation we are eternally grateful to Mandela for uniting us. “Some are born great, some achieve greatnessRead More