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Thomas Adcock: Yankee Doodle Nazis

 —FOTO CREDTS, from left: U.S. Department of Justice. 
Sarah Beth Clendaniel (left) & Brandon Clint Russell

Yankee Doodle Nazis

Cheeseburger King of Mar-a-Lago

‘I shot and killed people because they were black’

by Thomas Adcock

Copyright © 2023 • Thomas Adcock

NEW YORK CITY, near America

Not for a lack of trying, but last month’s “Day of Hate”—a much ballyhooed racist  jamboree that American anti-Semites expected would attract coast-to-coast throngs of like-minded christo-nationalists, anti-science morons, kluxers, ammosexuals and QAnon conspiracists—was a capital-B bust.  

Even droolers still enthralled with the Cheeseburger King of Mar-a-Lago kept clear of the national town square—a disappointment for Fox TV “News” producers ever in search of venomous tongues and filmable outrage, useful stuff for on-air “talent” to affirm the poisonous worldview of their frightfully large and faithful audiences.

Imagine the embarrassment of the event’s principal sponsor, the National Socialist Movement (NSM), headed by an obese white slug of a man with führer fantasies by the name of Burt Colluci (arrested in Arizona not long ago after allegedly pulling a gun on a black man).

With a jolly troupe of acolytes in tow, it is Herr Colluci’s calling to roam the American continent in the cause of public education, nazi-style. His schtick: stomping on the flag of Israel while chanting “The Jew is the devil” and “Jews rape children and drink their blood.”

O, America…cry the beloved country.       

Imagine the disappointment on the part of Herr Colluci and his allied nazi organizations in the wake of their busted jamboree. How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it was to have their thankless little fascists stay home rather than stepping forth to oink and bray in the streets, perchance to brawl. After all, the time was ideal for spewing their filth that final Saturday in February—the last shabbat of the month, the last weekend day of Black History Month.

But the big day was seemingly a bridge too far, even for thankless little fascists.

Resistance to Herr Colluci, et al., might tempt us toward optimism. Especially resistance seen at the world’s largest synagogue, Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan, when congregants moved outdoors to celebrate the Jewish sabbath—never mind an unprecedented increase in violent acts against Jews in New York and other cities.   

Indeed, we might read the fizzled “Day of Hate” as a sign that the United States has finally begun to pivot from dangerous political weirdness that emerged in 2016 with the resistible rise of the Cheeseburger King, metastasizing over the years into a cancerous growth on half the governing  political duopoly—the Republican Party.

Once home to conventional conservatives, today’s Republican Party is a redoubt of criminals, cretins, con artists, and gun-humping creeps—thousands of whom stormed the Capitol building in Washington in January 2021 in an obscene rampage based on lies parroted by Fox TV hosts; a deadly insurrection that took the lives of seven people; a seditious attack on American democracy, during which thugs ran through the corridors of Congress in search of elected government officials they swore to murder.  

Alas, one day of sane resistance, welcome as it was, is but a wee step in the direction of decency.

Consider the headlines made by Herr Colluci and his fellow Yankee Doodle nazis in the weeks leading up to their would-be Day of Hate—

Brandon Clint Russell, 27, and his 34-year-old girlfriend Sarah Beth Clendaniel were arrested in the state of Maryland for alleged conspiracy to destroy vital electrical power stations in the Baltimore area by way of blasting power transmitters with high-capacity semiautomatic assault rifles.

Mr. Russell is the leader of the Florida nazi ring “Atomwaffen Division,” whose members take the German compound word for nuclear weapons. Ms. Clendaniel awaits trial in Maryland on a previous charge of armed robbery. One of Mr. Russell’s roommates, who allegedly murdered two others he complained had bullied him, tipped authorities to what local media have dubbed a “Bonnie & Clyde” crime plot

• Patrons of the Broadway musical “Parade” were harassed by unidentified young nazis as they stood on a ticket line for the show, which tells the story of the 1913 lynching of Leo Frank—the Jewish superintendent of a textile factory in the state of Georgia falsely accused of murdering a 13-year-old female worker. According to press accounts, New York theatre-goers were intimidated by the thugs, who shouted, “You’re paying $300 to go fucking worship a pedophile?”

Payton Gendron, 19, appeared in a federal courtroom in upstate New York to confess to a hate crime in the fatal shootings of ten black people as they shopped at supermarket in the city of Buffalo. Earlier, Mr. Gendron pleaded guilty to a state murder charge. In court, he said he was “very sorry” for the murders, adding, “I shot and killed people because they were black. Looking back, I can’t believe I did it.”

The federal hate crime charge carries the death penalty. Mr. Gendron awaits sentencing.

• Police in Palm Beach, Florida released a video of one Jon Minadeo Jr., in the act of threatening local Rabbi Yosef Konikov as he drove his car on a street not far from Mar-a-Lago. A failed actor and failed rap “artist” who describes himself as the “most famous anti-Semite in America”, Mr. Minadeo heads a nazi outfit he calls the Goyim Defense League.

In the video, a squad of Mr. Minadeo’s comrades swarms the car as he bellows into a megaphone at the very nervous rabbi.   

“Hey, horse-faced Jew, go back to Israel!” shouted Mr. Minadeo. “Look at this, the neurotic rabbi trying to run us over, fucking Jew. What are you, the kike police? Heil Hitler, you fucking faggot!”

The charming platoon from the Goyim Defense League await trial on charges of criminal menacing.  

• According to federal agents in Los Angeles who arrested him for randomly shooting two men at separate locations in a heavily Jewish district of the city, 29-year-old Jaime Tran admitted that neighborhoods with kosher grocery stores were attractive for his purpose as an anti-Semite well known to students at a dental school he once attended. Students had long complained of receiving emails from Mr. Tran that disparaged Jews.

The foregoing is a quite partial list of hate crimes that occur every day and everywhere in America. To which a leading light of the Republican Party—Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina and ambassador to the United Nations during the Trump administration—might say “So what?”

Currently a so-called “moderate” Republican and announced candidate for her party’s nomination in next year’s presidential election, Ms. Haley recently told reporters:

“Every day, we’re told America is flawed…and full of hate.” Referring to President Biden and Vice President Harris, she added, “Joe and Kamala even say America is racist. Nothing could be further from the truth!”

Nikki Haley’s blithe attitude regarding the omnipresence of domestic terrorism does not make her an outlier in the Republican universe.

Although law enforcement professionals in Washington say the nation’s primary threat to safety is the fusion of white Christian nationalism, gun freaks, and followers of a QAnon cult that believes Democratic Party supporters and office holders are cannibals and child sex traffickers who meet secretly with Hollywood movie actors of similar bent in the basement of a pizza parlor in Washington’s tony Dupont Circle.

…The horrible Democrats, by the way, are doomed to meet righteous justice in the avenging persons of Donald Trump and the late John F. Kennedy Jr. (1960-1999), who is somehow not dead.

NOTE: I have written before in this space of the pizza parlor klatch. Once again—no, I am not exaggerating.  

Ms. Haley and her partisans are pleased to look away from lunacy—and bigotry of all manner and style—so long as the bigots and loons continue to register as Republican voters.  

Slowly, however, a distinct minority of Republican grandees redeem themselves by recognizing the rotting corpse of a party from which they have departed—a political entity that should properly be called a grievance movement. Grandees the likes of Peter Wehner, senior aide to former President George W. Bush (a Republican), who can barely contain his disgust with the top two members of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives in Congress—those being Marjorie Taylor Greene, a blonde shrike and QAnon enthusiast from Georgia, and the feckless Kevin McCarthy of California.

In January, Ms. Greene distinguished herself by repeatedly interrupting President Biden during his yearly address to Congress with screeches of “Liar! Liar!” Last month, she proposed that the United States should abolish the “united” part and agree to a “divorce” between those states that tend to vote Republican and other states led by cannibals and child sex traffickers.

Mr. McCarthy has said little to nothing about the divorce notion due to his dependence on Ms. Greene’s influence over her fellow House crazies.

In a recent essay, Mr. Wehner wrote:

“Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene have added calls for secession to their corrosive lies about the 2020 presidential election. More incendiary and treacherous claims will follow. Greene and McCarthy—one crazed, the other cowardly—embody a large swath of the modern [Republican Party]. Any party that makes room for seditionists and secessionists is sick and dangerous.”

Speaking of lies and the Republican Party’s chief propaganda organ, last month brought us the latest in courtroom filings per the matter of Dominion Voting Systems v. Fox Television Network, a defamation lawsuit before the Superior Court of Delaware.

In the $1.6 billion suit, the plaintiff corporation Dominion has now produced an admission from Rupert Murdoch, the rightwing billionaire Australian-American media mogul, that “news” program hosts employed at his Fox TV studios here in New York have knowingly aired flat-out fiction rather than honest journalism. Specifically, now says Mr. Murdoch, they have “endorsed” the Big Lie propagated by Donald Trump, who claims to this day that he was robbed of reëlection in 2020 because Dominion’s voting machines were “rigged” against him.

Mr. Murdoch, a once slippery strategist careful with his words, mucked it up this time around by admitting that his network told whoppers in order to make whopping profits by telling its slavishly Trump-loving viewers what they wanted to hear; if they didn’t hear it from Fox, he and his executive underlings fretted, the die-hard Trumpisti would seek satisfying lies from competitive Republican TV sources of disinformation.

The mogul from Melbourne color-coded his money motive behind sham reportage by playing off the respective party hues against the loveliness of American dollars. It is not a matter of Republican red or Democratic blue, confessed Mr. Murdoch, “it’s green.”

It has ever been thus at Fox. As the journalist Chauncey Devega writes:

“Fox News is not a ‘news’ network. In reality, it is the…warfare arm of the Republican Party. Fox disseminates rightwing talking points, radicalizes its audience, tells them who to fear and who to follow, and…conditions them emotionally, intellectually, and physically in service to ‘the party’ and ‘the movement.’

There is a straight line from Fox News to Trumpism, neo-fascism, and the democracy crisis here in America and around the world. Fox News is one of the most effective propaganda machines in history. The Nazi minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels would be in awe of it.“

As I write, the top-level folks over at Fox’s liability insurance firm are sweating buckets, worried at the very real prospect of having to indemnify Dominion Voting Systems to the tune of $1.6 billion—billion with a b.

Every schoolboy and girl of my vintage knew the nonsensical opening verse of “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” an American tune from the colonial period:

Yankee Doodle went to town,
a-riding on a pony.
He stuck a feather in his hat
and called it macaroni.

The ditty was written in 1755 by a British doctor named Richard Schuckburg to mock what he saw as pretense on the part of colonists he felt were rude, crude, and cowardly. Hence, the American fighters against the crown of His Majesty George III were either “doodles,” meaning country bumpkins, or “dandies,” meaning conceited jerks.

The term “Yankee” may have begun as a corruption of the nickname “Little Jan.”

As for the numerous mocking choruses to Mr. Schuckburg’s creation, very few of us pondered the final two, much less knew of them; much less knew the meaning of the strange term “tarnal” in place of the modern day curse, “goddamn.” The words seem appropriate now, somehow—

I see another snarl of men
a-digging graves they told me.
So ‘tarnal long, so ‘tarnal deep,
they ‘tended they should hold me.
It scared me so, I hooked it off.
Nor stopped, as I remember.
Nor turned about till I got home,
Locked up in mother’s chamber.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      THOMAS ADCOCK

                                                                                                                                            U.S.A. correspondent

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