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Aufruf für einen Autor: Go fund me

Walter Satterthwait needs to be sent to camp

Walter Satterthwait, Autor u.a. von „Wilde West“ (Oscar Wilde im Wilden Westen) und der Joshua Croft-Serie, braucht Unterstützung. Gesundheitlich angeschlagen, ist er dennoch voller Energie und will ein Buchprojekt vollenden. „Send This Writer to Camp“ heißt sein Aufruf bei gofundme. – Weitere Informationen in Englisch. 

Er schreibt:

Walter Satterthwait

The people who do donate to help me with this venture will have their names written into the book’s acknowledgements. (Unless they prefer not to be acknowledged.)

To sum up my writing career so far, I’ve written and published 15 novels. These are all reviewed and available, on Amazon, Abe’s Books, Barnes and Nobles. My reviews have all been generally good. Amazon has quite a few of them.

I figure I need about $12,000 to pull this off. I hope that anyone out there who might be interested in helping a writer finish a book would consider supporting me with this. It will be, I promise, a very good book.

An excerpt from it is available here:

Walter Satterthwait interviewed by Kaliber .38.
Walter Satterthwait bei der deutschen Wkipedia. Ein Interview mit Kaliber .38 hier.

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