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Krimi-Lyrics: Kevin Ayers – Fake Mexican Tourist Blues

Fake Mexican Tourist Blues

Kevin Ayers

Hey, mister, would you like my sister
Her name is Juanita,
I think you’d like to meet her.
She’s a little bit risky,
Drinking always whiskey.
But she’s really a tiger
Take you right inside her.

Hey, mister, got another sister
Her name is Dolores.
She likes pretty colores;
She’s a little bit silly,
Eating always chili;

But she’s very sexy,
Take her home in a taxi.

Hey, Juanita, Juanita Banana
Hey, Juanita, would you hold my banana;
I’d like it now, I don’t mean Manana.

Hey, brother, what about my mother
She’s only just forty
She’s especially naughty.
She knows a lot a tricks,
More than the younger chicks.
And if you don’t like my mother,

I got a very nice brother.


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