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Posted On Dezember 31, 2022By Die Redaktion

Peter Münder, Marcus Müntefering, Christopher G. Moore

Peter Münder: Umschalten in der Perma-Krise Mit Messi die Wirtschaftsprobleme ausblenden, mit Klaus Pohl die Theaterkrise bewältigen, mit Marc Hamer gärtnern, dichten, Bücher schreiben, Maulwürfe beseitigen und die Sinnkrise als Zen-Buddhist neutralisieren Trotz all der Katar-Querelen um Kapitäns-Armbinden, kriminelle Arbeitsbedingungen beim Bau der Stadien mit etlichen hundert Toten und dem hyper-korrupten FIFA-Boss „Infantilo“ war es doch enorm erhellend, von den WM-Experten bei TV-Runden zu hören, wie ein mittelmäßiger Kader zum Sprint in höhere Meisterklassen und sogar bis ins Endspiel zur Krönung eines linksfüßigen Messias  motiviert werden kann: Nämlich mit einem „Umschalt“-Trainer, derRead More

Posted On Juli 1, 2022By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore of movie fame

… plus the Longlist for This Year’s Moore Prize But first an info from the author: „Zero Hour in Phnom Penh“ is available from Amazon as an ebook. It is Free! That book which Thomas Wörtche so ably edited for the German edition which went on to win a Krimi Prize.Here is the link for the book. — the deal already may have ended, but its a good book nethertheless, anyway. „You wanna see my Bangkok? What Bangkok is on your mind? …“ Bangkok Karma is a short Calvino film shotRead More

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Christina Mohr, Christopher G. Moore, Adam Morris, Peter Münder

**** Christina Mohr: Meine 20 Lieblingsalben 2021 So viele tolle Platten!  1. Torres, Thirstier 2. School Of Zuversicht, An Allem Ist Zu Zweifeln 3. Sophia Kennedy, Monsters 4. Noga Erez, Kids 5. Dry Cleaning, New Long Leg 6. Lil Nas X, Montero 7. Greentea Peng, Man Made 8. Lil Simz, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert 9. Sleaford Mods, Spare Ribs 10. Anika, Change 11. Park-Hye Jin, Before I Die 12. Francoiz Breut, Flux Flou De La Foule 13. International Music, Ententraum 14. Arlo Parks, Collapsed In Sunbeams 15. Japanese Breakfast,Read More

Posted On September 1, 2021By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore: Book Talk Conversations

Decoding original thinkers Our Thailand correspondent Christopher G. Moore – author of the Vincent Calvino novels, founder of a literary prize and a film festival – has developed something new. He calls it „Book Talk Conversations“. They are featured on many platforms, for example on Youtube or Spotify. His website here. His CulturMag essays here. Book Talk Conversation Episode #1 with Professor John Paulos, Temple University Professor John is also an author and a popular public speaker. His books include „Innumeracy“, „Beyond Numeracy“, „A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper“, „A MathematicianRead More

Posted On Februar 1, 2021By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore: Notes on the Meaning of Life

A Letter to my Friend Luciano The Chopin Mazurka Op.17 №4 Horowitz was sublime. To be listened to both before and after the video on the Meaning of Life. The video chronicles the last months of Herbert Fingarette’s long life. The retired professor’s final months have been viewed by over 2 million people over the course of just one year. One of the viewer’s wrote in the comments that Herbert Fingarette had had a great life, one that he should have celebrated. You and many other expatriate friends came to mind,Read More

Posted On Oktober 1, 2020By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore: Our Shared Timeline

Putting us into some perspective In the era of social media, the idea of a personal timeline has meaning. We check that timeline for news, gossip, entertainment and information. Millions of people also check their timeline. It has become an addiction. What is happening on our timeline? Check it out with a click. Scroll down the screen. Timeline has a more general meaning from the narrow one found on social media feeds. This timeline is connected to our mortality. We share a common life arrow: we enter at birth andRead More

Posted On August 1, 2020By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore: What’s at stake in the US elections

Surfing the tidal waves of Belonging, Identity and Dogma An Essay by Christopher Moore Before you start reading, you could maybe join us at supporting the Changing Climate Changing Lives Film Festival, founded by the author – and in need of a bit of sponsoring. This festival supports young people and communities in Thailand to tell stories on climate impact and how they act on climate change through short films. Please join us at CulturMag in supporting them. You can donate here. What you are about to read is a backgroundRead More

Posted On Juni 1, 2020By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore: Mr. Tao’s Inferno Noise Machine

A #Covid-19 Story Like most city people I thought that a place in the country would be a sanctuary where I could commune with nature. Many writers are known for their affection the flora and animals only found in a natural setting. Jonathan Frazen is known for his bird watching. Also Flannery O’Connor had a childhood surrounded by birds, in this case raising chickens, peacocks and peahens. Vladmir Nabokov was a respected Lepidopterist. In between writing novels, Nabokov loved netting, mounting, studying and displaying collections of butterflies. Sylvia Plath keptRead More

Posted On Mai 1, 2020By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore: The virus as computer code #covid-19

Purging the virus from the human network What if SARS-CoV2 runs like a piece of computer code? What if for purposes of a coronavirus our relationships function like a computer network? You download the source code of the virus from others who are infected. You don’t need to use your mouse to click on an icon. You only need to have someone cough or sneeze on you, or touch a surface they’ve touch, and then you touch your face. Once downloaded the virus opens, loads its code into our systemRead More
The Pandemic is a trial run. Climate change lockdowns: sooner than you think. Our New Ecology The scientific community is doing an incredible job covering the technical side of the COVID-19 virus. We also have many reports from doctors, nurses, and patients from around the world relating their experiences of working conditions, protective equipment shortages, and treatment regimes. We are becoming familiar with terms like exponential growth, inflexion points, viral peak readings, viral shedding, and drug trial protocols. What is missing is some idea of what our world will lookRead More

Posted On Februar 2, 2020By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore: Epilogue for Vincent Calvino

Mapping an investigators world By Christopher G. Moore It sounds like a fitting title – Dance me to the End of Time –, the 17th  Vincent-Calvino-novel with which Christopher G. Moore will end his longrunning series. Here is his epilogue. May 2020 will see a German translation of this piece. Stay tuned. There is a beautiful quote from Jorge Luis Borges that like a song you can’t get out of your head, haunts me: “A man sets out to draw the world. As the years go by, he peoples a space with images ofRead More

Posted On März 4, 2019By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore: The Immortals and Time

The beginning and the ending … An essay by Christopher G. Moore – And a call for the The Moore Prize 2019 Writing on Human Rights at the end of this text. The word “immortals” is entwined in my mind with the Jorge Luis Borges’ story titled The Immortals. The story is an exploration of immortal beings imprisoned in the infinite and seeking to understand their condition. This passage in particular speaks a truth about our ideas of immortality. “Indoctrinated by a practice of centuries the republic of immortal men had attained the perfection of tolerance and almost that of indifference. TheyRead More

Posted On Dezember 16, 2018By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore: Notes on Creativity and Imagination

Everything you are On 11th December 2018, at the CheckInn99, along with William Wait, we explored creativity and imagination. These are my thoughts I shared with the audience – An essay from Christopher G. Moore The most astonishing, extraordinary thing that happened to each of us tonight is we walked into this room without stopping to marvel and reflect where we are. We aren’t in nature but in constructed space sprung came from imagination. This is true of all rooms around the globe. We’ve gathered inside a confined space designed forRead More

Posted On November 15, 2018By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore: The Tyrant Inside Your Mind

The Tyrant Inside Your Mind  by Christopher G. Moore History records many examples of some person, tribe or nation taking an advantage based on better information than their rivals. Whether it is war, economic activity, love and romance or career the competitive edge leading to victory is enjoyed by those who possess the ability to extract and use information to increase the probability of their predicted outcomes. Use the word probability, forecasting, and prediction and thoughts start to wander, your mind has trouble gaining traction. Why is that? It takes aRead More

Posted On Oktober 16, 2018By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore: The Story-telling Wars

The story-telling wars by Christopher G. Moore Fires, floods, volcanoes, dying sea coral, boats, dogs, rivers, deaths, births, anniversaries, weddings, car crashes—help us as we can’t absorb all of this information—this is a daily timeline on Facebook or Twitter. Many of us have that feeling of being submerged over our heads in information. We are losing touch to distinguish stories that signal catastrophic consequences from what are the normal drift of life. We are vulnerable to images of dogs, cats, children, or seductive smiles—the online visuals grab us and pullRead More

Posted On Juni 15, 2018By Christopher G. Moore

Essay: Christopher G. Moore on the Power of Ridicule

Why did the hack ultimately fail? By Christopher G. Moore Aaron Schlossberg, a US lawyer, was recently caught on video berating two people for speaking Spanish in a Manhattan restaurant. He was thrown out of the restaurant. But not before his actions went viral on social media. Aaron found himself in a deep hole. A community formed to vent their anger against such a bully. With the daily acts of racism Aaron Schlossberg will soon fall away from public view and memory, and may reappear when inevitably a similar eventRead More

Posted On April 14, 2018By Peter Muender

Über Christopher G. Moore: Springer

Dein Freund, der Schmerz? Mord oder Selbstmord? Das soll Vincent Calvino,  PI  in Bangkok, herausfinden, als er zur Leiche des kanadischen  Malers Raphael gerufen wird:  Der hatte  im Redlight-District attraktive Massage-Girls porträtiert, die er auch gerne flachlegte. Vertrackt nur, dass der Künstler sich schon lange mit Selbstmordgedanken trug, auf seiner Website  seine Gedanken über Leben und Tod, Schmerz und Kunst  verbreitete und obendrein noch als Berater einer Suizid-Hotline aktiv war. Der in Bangkok lebende Christopher Moore zeigt in seinem  jetzt auf Deutsch erschienenen Krimi „Springer“ (Originaltitel „Jumpers“, 2016) einen ziemlich ratlosen Calvino, der langeRead More

Posted On Dezember 16, 2017By Christopher G. Moore

Essay: Christopher G. Moore: Empathy

A Christmas Day Truce 2017 By Christopher G. Moore Swimming pools of ink have been emptied in the discussions of the intense verbal warfare in America about politics as the president fires tweets like a machine-gunner at a wide range of enemies. In all of these dramatic battles, there’s not been much discussion about a central question that defines our humanity: have we loss our sense of empathy? Exactly what makes empathy a desirable trait? I recently read an interview with Nick Bostrom, Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy atRead More

Posted On Oktober 17, 2017By Christopher G. Moore

Kolumne: Christopher G. Moore: Ethnocracy

Ethnocracy By Christopher G. Moore For a definition of ethnocracy Wikipedia provides: „An ethnocracy is a type of political structure in which the state apparatus is appropriated by a dominant ethnic group (or groups) to further its interests, power and resources. Ethnocratic regimes typically display a combination of ‚thin‘ democratic facade covering a more profound ethnic structure, in which ethnicity (or race, or Religion) – and not citizenship – is the key to securing power and resources. An ethnocratic society facilitates the ethnicization of the state by the dominant group,Read More

Posted On August 15, 2017By Christopher G. Moore

Kolumne: Christopher G. Moore: The Headlock of Kinship

The Headlock of Kinship By Christopher G. Moore Archeological finds coupled with better techniques of carbon dating have pushed back the origins of our species to nearly 300,000 years. The environment in which humans evolved favoured family groups as a cohesive, cooperative unit for food gathering and protection against predators. Complaining about your uncle, grandmother or nephew being idle or incompetent wasn’t going to help. The whole group was interconnected. They stuck together because they had no other choice. And remember, for hundreds of thousands of years, hominids lived inRead More

Posted On Juni 15, 2017By Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore: Moore Prize 2017

  Christopher G. Moore – unser Mann in Bangkok – ist nicht nur mit seinen Calvino-Romanen ein wichtiger Schriftsteller, sondern auch ein politisch und sozial engagierter Mensch.  Deswegen hat er jetzt einen Preis gestiftet. Alle Titel auf der Shortlist sind einiger Aufmerksamkeit wert:  2017 Moore Prize – Non-fiction Short-list  Human rights and freedom of expression have come under siege by powerful political forces in many parts of the world. The gains of the past may unravel and reverse. In this environment, the Christopher G. Moore Foundation will be awarding aRead More

Posted On April 15, 2017By Christopher G. Moore

Essay: Christopher G. Moore: Creative Lawyers and Judges

Creative Lawyers and Judges By Christopher G. Moore Most writers are asked about their prior jobs. When I say my job was a law professor and lawyer, they follow up by asking whether law training helps or hurts you as a novelist. The creative aspects of law practice before a judge features in this excellent article by Maksymilian Del Mar: The Legal Imagination. Having been on both sides of two creative cultures, and that has given me a slightly different perspective from Del Mar. Here are my thoughts. Lawyers (specifically trialRead More

Posted On März 15, 2017By Christopher G. Moore

Essay: Christopher G. Moore on Noir

A Meaning of Noir By Christopher G. Moore, creator of the Vincent Calvino crime fiction series. When you come across the phrase “noir crime fiction”. The first question is what is meant by noir? I have written private eye fiction set in Southeast Asia. My experience has probably been different from many other crime writers in the United States or Canada. The purpose is to start a discussion rather than reaching a definitive conclusion. After twenty-five years writing the sixteen novels in the Vincent Calvino series, I’ve had a chanceRead More

Posted On Dezember 15, 2016By Christopher G. Moore

Essay: Christopher G. Moore: Microbes & Trump

Collective Imbalance and Discord by Christopher G. Moore The title popped out of a book I am reading. Ed Yong’s “I Contain Multitudes”. My plan was to take my mind off politics. Yong’s subject is scientific: the nature, scope and role of microbial organism. The world of microbe creatures seemed light years away from the US election. As is often the case, I was wrong. Rather than taking my mind off politics, I Contain Multitudes became a new lens at which to look at politics in 2016. (I once wroteRead More

Posted On Dezember 15, 2016By Kevin Cummings

Roman: Christopher G. Moore: Jumpers – Vincent Calvino Nr. 16

A Book Review By Kevin Cummings Christopher G. Moore is a master message teller as he crafts his crime tales. Jumpers is #16 in the Calvino series and as a long-time fan I am familiar with the cast of characters: Vincent Calvino, Bangkok P.I. and his cover my back, retired Royal Thai Police General Pratt – not many friends have matching bullet entry wounds for looking after each other. Ratana his loyal secretary, and the cranky and pleasure seeking pal, McPhail. The One Hand Clapping Massage Parlor also makes aRead More
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Christopher G. Moore: Views from Bangkok

Wir denken bei Thailand automatisch an Sex-Business, Sex-Tourismus, Korruption und organisierte Kriminalität. Von außen. Christopher G. Moore lebt und schreibt in dieser Gesellschaft. Vor einiger Zeit haben wir auf Johann Haris fulminantes Buch „Chasing The Dream“ hingewiesen. Heute setzt sich Christopher G. Moore mit dem 100-jährigen „War on Drugs“ auseinander. Anslinger’s  100 Years War I’ve been thinking of winners and loser, peacemakers and warriors, victors and the vanquished. These binary extremes define much of our culture, and much of about the way we think of war and winning. That visceralRead More