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Thomas Adcock Ann Anders Friedrich Ani Max Annas Bruno Arich-Gerz Rolf Barkowski Thomas Adcock: Best of American Culture – Year 2018 – This was the year when the United States began a return to civic normalcy. What feels so long ago, the presidential election of November 2016, began a dark aberration from what we Americans like to think of ourselves—in the words of the Pledge of Allegiance, “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Now justice is at hand for a crime syndicate that has coöpted the White HouseRead More
  Garry Disher Anita Djafari Katrin Doerksen Werner Dütsch Joachim Feldmann Michael Friderici Garry Disher: The Central Role of Rural Settings in Recent Australian Crime Fiction The city is the primary site for most contemporary crime novels, and while readers might find themselves entering a chaotic world, it’s in the certain knowledge they’ll be guided by a detective rooted to the setting and in possession of wide-ranging and penetrating insider knowledge. The Los Angeles of Michael Connelly’s Bosch, for example; the Edinburgh of Ian Rankin’s Rebus.                   In contrast, the settingRead More
König ohne Untertanen Alf Mayer über den Havaristen Sterling Hayden und die Filme von Wolf-Eckart Bühler Lange Jahre waren sie nur ein Phantom, hatten mythischen Ruf: die beiden Filme von Wolf-Eckart Bühler über den Schauspieler Sterling Hayden, „Leuchtturm des Chaos“ (1983) und „Der Havarist“ (1984), der eine dokumentarisch und „documentary film making … at its most laissez faire“ (Janet Maslin in der New York Times), der zweite essayistisch und eine wortgetreue Adaption einiger Kapitel aus „Wanderer“, der schonungslosen Autobiographie des gleichen Titels, mit Burkhard Driest, Rüdiger Vogler und Hannes Wader in der RolleRead More