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Thomas Adcock: God’s Bad Boy

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – U.S.A. With respect to religion and/or spirituality, I am a devout believer in the God of Irony. As testament to my faith, behold the present-day, oddly coifed idol of Christian Evangelism and Pentecostalism—an American president who proudly prostitutes a code of decency given unto the world two millennia ago by a Nazarene carpenter of note. During an earlier once-upon-a-time—June of 1998, actually—some of the biggest machers of American Christendom assembled in Salt Lake City, Utah, to adopt a “Resolution on the Moral Character of Public Officials.”Read More
“When authoritarian figures can do no wrong, the problem is not so much with the leader but with the followers, who, like followers of religious cults, willingly drink the proverbial Kool-Aid regardless of how high their IQ may actually be. Seeing their unearned, privileged positions threatened by merit-based concepts such as equality, they embrace cult leaders who present themselves as the only solution to their downward-spiraling predicament, or as Trump proclaimed while mounting the Republican National Convention stage: ‘I am your voice. I alone can fix it.’” —Miguel A. DeRead More

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Thomas Adcocks Kolumne

Whirlwinds of Cruelty Achtung, Flüchtlinge! Amerikanische Konzentrationslager by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2019 • Thomas Adcock NORTH CHATHAM, New York—U.S.A. Two years and seven months ago, a bankrupt casino magnate, bigot and vainglorious “reality television” braggart became president of the United States (with a little help, to be sure, from comrades in Moscow). To mark the occasion, yet another turn for the worse in the history of my country, I borrowed a famous phrase of yesteryear for an essay published in this space at that dark time. In the wakeRead More

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Thomas Adcock’s Kolumne

RHINEBECK, New York—USA We are halfway through 2019 as members of the United States Congress are scurrying en masse back to home districts across the land, in accordance with one of their numerous recesses from important business we voters elected them to attend. Per the previous two years’ periodic recessionals, they abandoned Washington having done zilch about the most important business at hand: a one-man crime wave named Donald J. Trump. Upon his inauguration as president, in January 2017, the ridiculously coifed Mr. Trump set forth to consolidate power. InRead More

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Thomas Adcock: Drunk on Fear

by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2019 • Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America In January 2016, in Montréal, the old man lay dying.  Perhaps he silently cursed having reached the age of ninety-nine rather than a full century well deserved. Surely he reflected on his long ago life in Berlin; in particular, Kristallnacht—the night of November 9 in 1938, when Hitler’s brown-shirts assaulted Jews in the streets, smashed the windows of Jewish-owned shops, burned synagogues to the ground. Perhaps he gave silent thanks to his having the wisdom andRead More

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Thomas Adcock: Mueller’s Map

by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2019 • Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America In last November’s federal legislative elections, Democrats swept to party leadership in half the two-chamber Congress of the United States—the House of Representatives, affectionately known as “the people’s House.” At last! Power to the people! Voters turned out in historically high numbers to demonstrate their profound disgust with the cupidity, immorality, and criminality of Donald J. Trump and his enablers of the hear-no-evil, see-no-evil Republican Party. Heeding the message of upstart Democratic contenders, featuring a bumperRead More

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Thomas Adcock: Prez Dodges a Bullet

NORTH CHATHAM, New York—U.S.A. William Barr, attorney general of the United States, did exactly what Donald J. Trump hired him to do: On the afternoon of March 24, in Washington, he granted absolution to his lord and master—Donald J. Trump, suspected of treason and obstruction of justice. This act of legal mercy occurred on a Sunday, when evangelical Christian Trumpisti throughout the land undoubtedly spent their Sabbath morning beseeching Jesus and the Holy Father to spare the Golden-Haired One from impeachment or imprisonment. As the world knows by now, aRead More

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Thomas Adcock: Billionaire Blues

Please…Call us ‘People of Means’ New York to world’s richest man: Fuhgeddaboudit by Thomas Adcock –Copyright © 2019 • Thomas Adcock  NEW YORK CITY, near America A prosperous dolt named Howard Schultz scored his most notable life achievement in 1995 by inventing the Mocha Frappuccino, a briskly profitable confection peddled throughout his empire of Starbucks coffee houses. A quarter century later, now comes Mr. Schultz asking voters to believe that his caffeinated brainstorm, and the billions of dollars accrued, qualifies him to be president of the United States.   Bad timing, Mr.Read More

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Thomas Adcock: Reality TV

NEW YORK CITY, near America Picture the current American presidency as gangster-laden film noir, a tawdry movie with two leading rôles: a thuggish lawyer called “The Fixer,” employed by “The Don,” malevolent godfather of a crime syndicate. The stars: Michael D. Cohen as consigliere, Donald J. Trump as capo di tutti capi. So it was, in life off the screen, for ten sorry years. Then came the morning February 27, a cold and sunny Wednesday in Washington. One of the stars broke character on live television. During five hours ofRead More
‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses …’ (Oh, never mind) Baby Jesus, go home by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America  Where to begin on the subject of the most loathsome mobster currently at large in the United States? Every thirty days as I sit down to compose my monthly offering to CrimeMag, I ask this question. Today, I ask again, Where to begin with Donald J. Trump? Mr. Trump’s endless racketeering, mendacity, and racism are daily cyclones ripping throughRead More
Fear, Loathing and Madness in the White House Eine merkwürdige Paralyse grassiert unter maßgebenden amerikanischen Politikwissenschaftlern, Historikern, Journalisten und aktiven Politikern: Wenn über das Thema Impeachment diskutiert wird, lautet die Devise der Wegducker: „Don´t mention the I-word“! Warum eigentlich? Als wirksame Drohkulisse hatte die Einleitung eines Impeachmentverfahrens bereits 1974  „Tricky Dick“ Richard  Nixon vor einer endgültigen Amtsenthebung zum Rücktritt veranlaßt. Von Peter Münder Den Wahlkampf von Donald Trump hatte Allan Lichtman genau verfolgt und sogar den völlig überraschenden, sensationellen Wahlsieg des egomanischen Dealmakers vorhergesagt, worauf der Wahlsieger T sich sogarRead More
Sprachverlust 3 oder „Why I Write“   Brigitte Helbling über Sprachverlust, Renitenz, Kulturwechsel, Englisch und „Hochdeutsch“ – und über die Lust des „writers“, Worte auf dem Papier herumzuschieben (Joan Didion).   Hin und wieder frage ich mich, ob ich auf Englisch schreiben sollte. Die potentielle Leserschaft wäre wesentlich größer, die schriftstellerische Konkurrenz allerdings auch. Und warum sollte ich mich nicht auf sie einlassen? Auf Englisch würde ich innovativ und mutig und unvergleichlich relevanter daherkommen als auf Deutsch, eine Sprache, die sich vor allem dazu eignet, Landschaften zu beschreiben. Und Innenräume.Read More
»Mein Name ist Sa. Ich bin deine Frau.«  Der September kam und ging. Der Oktober ging, und die Santa-Ana-Winde kamen. Sie rauschten mit der Wucht der Autos auf dem Freeway in östlicher Richtung von den Bergen herunter und knickten die Halme des Papyrus um, den Mrs. Khanh in Keramiktöpfe neben dem Spalier gepflanzt hatte. Sie erlaubte dem Professor jetzt nicht mehr, seine nachmittäglichen Spaziergänge alleine zu unternehmen. Stattdessen folgte sie ihm diskret im Abstand von fünf, sechs Metern, wobei sie sich wegen des Windes den Hut auf den Kopf drückte.Read More

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Thomas Adcock: Messiah of the Maniacs

Messiah of the Maniacs America’s Red Hat Road to Hell Donald Trump’s bad hair day by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America The racist crime syndicate occupying the White House, headed by what psychologists identify as a malignant narcissist, has gone to panic mode. The signs are plentiful.  State and federal elections held on November 6 delivered a massive political rebuke of il capo di tutti capi, namely Donald J. Trump. The reaction has been a daily cascade of falsehoods from Mr. TrumpRead More
Fantasyland – Die Geschichte Amerikas neu erzählt Textauszug aus dem Buch von Kurt Andersen Das amerikanische Expe­riment, die Fleischwerdung der großen aufklärerischen Idee von der intellektuellen Freiheit, die besagt, dass jeder Einzelne frei ist zu glauben, was auch immer er oder sie will, hat sich zu etwas ausgewachsen, das wir nicht mehr im Griff haben. Dieser Ultra­-Individualismus war von Anfang an tief mit epischen Träumen verknüpft, manchmal auch mit epischen Fantasien – jeder ein­zelne Amerikaner, jedes Individuum aus Gottes erwähltem Volk, schuf sich sein eigenes, maßgeschneidertes Utopia, jeder von unsRead More

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Essay: Thomas Adcock: Moral Civil War

Moral Civil War Decency vs. Debasement  Seeking exit from the New Confederacy by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America Reasonable citizens trapped in the bedlam of Trumpistan are angry—or depressed, or disgusted, or distressed, or despairing, or drained of energy needed to absorb the drumbeat of cupidity and criminality emanating daily from a debauched White House. Some days, all these emotions meld into an existential sorrow: Cry the beloved country. We limp through these last gasps of October in hopes that next month’sRead More
Justice is Nigh for Trump His Cult Keeps the Fascist Faith A promise of national catharsis in November by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America   I am happy to report that America’s most repulsive individual, Donald J. Trump, is not long for Washington. The current presidency—a circus of the tawdry, the pathetic, the crazy, the criminal, and the cruel—cannot sustain itself, no matter that its ringmaster is a virtuoso of ballyhoo and bullcrap. He is also a ringmaster in a death spiral.Read More
Lord Trump Almighty Gladdening the Heart of Lucifer  ‘Ego te absolvo’ by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock   NEW YORK CITY, near America Scheduled to open in October in more than a thousand “select” American cinemas is a motion picture entitled “The Trump Prophecy,” produced by Liberty University of Virginia, a bottom-tier institute of evangelical Christian instruction. The university is hustling advance ticket sales via online movie trailers meant for the mesmerizing pleasure of stalwarts in a religio-political cult whose lord and savior is said to haveRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Trump Drunk

Trump-Drunk ‘End Times’ for ‘Pipsqueak Putin’ Bigots, boobs & bible bullies—Aus! Weg mit Dir! by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America Sadly for the United States and beyond, a degenerate fraudster, mendacious vulgarian, misogynistic swine, and all-round scrofulous lout occupies the White House—from whence he reigns as the racist godhead of a fascistic religio-political cult. The reasons for this plague of the moment are murky, debatable, and pathetic. Among them: Hillary Clinton’s stunningly inept presidential campaign of 2016; a cyber-attack of Russian disinformationRead More

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Thomas Adcock’s Kolumne: Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu Thugs, Lies & Fevered Fantasies ‘The corpse of McCarthy-Hooverism still stirs’ by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock   NEW YORK CITY, near America Not so long ago, a paunchy prevaricator in Washington proposed to “make America great again,” as the slogan goes. It was the flag-waving, Jesus-jumping Cold War era of anti-communist hysteria in the United States: the perfect zeitgeist for J. Edgar Hoover to exert his racist, anti-Semitic, anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-immigrant, authoritarian proclivities. In his official capacity as director of the Federal Bureau ofRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Woke

Woke The Never Again Generation ‘We are not afraid … we will not be silenced … our voices are loud’  by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America Young and golden is the moment when ordinary people achieve a coalescence of causes based in righteous anger, when we realize a combined power that might shape a better future, when we cease to abide belligerent  ignorance and curable injustice. When we act, e pluribus unum, to redeem a wounded national honor. When we feel weRead More
Wahlreichtum Von Felix Hofmann Wer, verehrte Freundinnen und Freunde der sich selbst wählenden Demokratie, allen Ernstes davon überzeugt ist, in den USA würden genau solche Abstimmungen abgehalten, oder gar darauf schwört, es hätte dort vor einem Jahr tatsächlich eine Präsidentschaftswahl stattgefunden, dem sei diese, kaum verschlüsselte, Bemerkung von Gore Vidal aus dem Jahre 1995 in Erinnerung gebracht: »Ob Sie es glauben oder nicht, in der großartigsten Demokratie der Weltgeschichte – der Heimat der Freiheit wie der Tapferkeit – lassen sich Wahlen still und heimlich deichseln, worüber sich Joe Kennedy immerRead More
Aaron Sorkins Game Beatrice Behn von hat sich Molly’s Game angesehen. Da ist sie: Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain), eine Frau, die ganz Amerika kennt. Einst war sie noch Anwärterin auf einen Platz im olympischen Team, drittbeste auf der Buckelpiste, doch nun kennen sie alle als die Molly Bloom, die große Poker-Partys veranstaltet hat, bei denen pro Nacht gern mal mehrere Millionen über den Tisch gehen. Wie zum Teufel eine junge Frau aus Idaho zur Pokerkönigin der Ostküste werden konnte, genau das erforscht Aaron Sorkins Molly’s Game. Und das aufRead More
Enthemmung mit angezogener Bremse Eine Filmkritik von Thomas Groh, den wir herzlich bei CrimeMag begrüßen. Mit Death Wish greifen Joe Carnahan (Drehbuch) und Eli Roth (Regie) das Problem realer Waffen- und Gang-Gewalt in Chicago auf, über das Filmfreunde spätestens seit Spike Lees Chi-Raq informiert sind: Mit der einfühlsam erzählten, 2016 bei der Berlinale gezeigten Satire sensibilisierte der einstige Pionier des New Black Cinema für die gesellschaftliche Lage und forderte vehement Frieden für die South Side ein. Genutzt hat dieses Plädoyer nur wenig: Im Jahr 2016 ist die Mordrate nochmals angestiegenRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock

NEW YORK CITY, near America On the final Tuesday night of January, an annual date of political pageantry in the United States, Donald J. Trump served up a State of the Union address described by New York Times columnist Timothy Egan as containing “all the staying power of vapor from a sewage vent.” The philandering Berlusconi knockoff begged to differ. The stated theme of the big speech: one year into his presidency and everything in America is hunky-dory! Fantastic. Great. Terrific. Tremendous.  The official Trump newsletter extolled the performance: “EvenRead More
Sara Paretsky on the feminist awakening that led to her V.I. Warshaswski I was ten when I read my first work of history: Mark Twain’s Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. True, it’s a romantic and sentimental version of the saint, but Twain did read all the original source material. His passion for Joan spoke to my own young experience and yearnings. Personal Recollections didn’t make me want to be a historian, but it did make me long for a vision as great as hers and the passion to seeRead More