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Posted On August 1, 2017By Stella SinatraIn Allgemein

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Oversexed & Undercooked 1 bild / 100 worte Okay & es ist ein Syndrom, Trump-Familien-Neid; und geht in zwei Richtungen. SYMPTOME. Le Père möchte mal nur nach vorn zum Nachwuchs schauen statt immer noch rechts-links-rechts zu Papa-Mama, Brüdern, Totter-Tanten, ganz zu schweigen von den ollen AHNEN… les fils wünschen sich klammheimlich, so rückhaltlos geliebt zu werden wie Donald Jr. Seufz. ANFÄLLIGKEIT. Jungs sind anfälliger als Mädchen. UND SONST SO? Brave Bürger, qua definitionem oversexed & undercooked, auch. Äh… underfucked? HEEEE-HOPPLA, was war das, wer hat das gesagt? GOOGLE IT, DUMMY.Read More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Fremdschämen

EAST GREENWICH, Rhode Island U.S.A. There are times when only German will suffice in articulating complexity, especially of infuriating nature. For instance, consider the current White House tenant, an orange-faced Manhattan braggart and tabloid newspaper oddity whom New Yorkers have loathed for the past three decades. Among this man’s latest dubious accomplishments, he has inspired certain government investigators—those not yet dismissed for probing his probable traitorous ties to Russian spies—to give the city of Washington a new moniker: Kremlin on the Potomac. How to describe him? “The beauty of GermanRead More
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Trump is a great storyteller – We need to be better. My son is three years old. Every morning and evening I read to him. I love the joy he takes in learning new words, immersing himself in stories, seeing himself as the characters, and acquiring a moral and ethical sense. He lives in a world of good and bad, of threat and rescue, of choices between doing or not doing harm. When I was a child, not much older than him, I had no library to call my ownRead More
I want to believe in the people rather than the president Viet Thanh Nguyen on the Democrats‘ failure and our future Er ist der Sohn vietnamesischer Emigranten, die innerhalb des Landes schon vom Norden in den Süden geflohen waren. Mit vier Jahren kam 1975 er in die USA, wuchs in Pennsylvanien und Südkalifornien auf, lehrt und arbeitet heute an der University of South California, ist unglaublich produktiv, schreibt als Kulturkritiker für die Los Angeles Times und ist der Redakteur von diaCRITICS, einem Blog für die vietnamesische künsterlische, politisch interessierte Diaspora weltweit.Read More

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Essay: Christopher G. Moore: Microbes & Trump

Collective Imbalance and Discord by Christopher G. Moore The title popped out of a book I am reading. Ed Yong’s “I Contain Multitudes”. My plan was to take my mind off politics. Yong’s subject is scientific: the nature, scope and role of microbial organism. The world of microbe creatures seemed light years away from the US election. As is often the case, I was wrong. Rather than taking my mind off politics, I Contain Multitudes became a new lens at which to look at politics in 2016. (I once wroteRead More