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(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go Curtis Mayfield Der revolutionäre Song von 1970 wurde jetzt zur Titelsequenz für die Serie „The Deuce“.  (Crowd chattering) Woman: Last night, I was so depressed and I picked up my bible and turned to the book of Revelations. And if people would just get…pick up the Bible and read it, they would really turn around and straighten up. This is all we need to do is just get the Good Book and read it and put it to everydayRead More
TERROR-STRICKEN TABLOIDS Stop the presses! Bare-breasted buskers the ballyhoo of Broadway! The ‘Tit Squad‘ Cops Battle a Scourge of Naked Lady Parts …with help from pious pols & Officer Jesus    by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2015 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America Be warned, ye horny gents on holiday here, the Public Morals Division of the New York Police Department is watching you! Yes, you—all you drooling out-of-towners landed here to behold the promenade of semi-naked ladies in the so-called Crossroads of the World. The forces ofRead More