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‘White People Have Lost Their Damn Minds’ Mad dogs, ideologues & 2-year-olds in Crazytown by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock NORTH CHATHAM, New York—U.S.A. Even now, twenty-one months into life under a White House crime syndicate facilitated and funded by Kremlin spies and oligarchs, I cannot wrap my head around a seemingly minor statistic here in the land of Trumpistan: On Election Day 2016, fifty-three percent of white female voters—fifty-three percent—decided that a man with a ludicrous yellow hairdo and a hamburger gut who appeared on televisionRead More
Lord Trump Almighty Gladdening the Heart of Lucifer  ‘Ego te absolvo’ by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock   NEW YORK CITY, near America Scheduled to open in October in more than a thousand “select” American cinemas is a motion picture entitled “The Trump Prophecy,” produced by Liberty University of Virginia, a bottom-tier institute of evangelical Christian instruction. The university is hustling advance ticket sales via online movie trailers meant for the mesmerizing pleasure of stalwarts in a religio-political cult whose lord and savior is said to haveRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Trump Drunk

Trump-Drunk ‘End Times’ for ‘Pipsqueak Putin’ Bigots, boobs & bible bullies—Aus! Weg mit Dir! by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America Sadly for the United States and beyond, a degenerate fraudster, mendacious vulgarian, misogynistic swine, and all-round scrofulous lout occupies the White House—from whence he reigns as the racist godhead of a fascistic religio-political cult. The reasons for this plague of the moment are murky, debatable, and pathetic. Among them: Hillary Clinton’s stunningly inept presidential campaign of 2016; a cyber-attack of Russian disinformationRead More

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Thomas Adcock’s Kolumne: Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu Thugs, Lies & Fevered Fantasies ‘The corpse of McCarthy-Hooverism still stirs’ by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock   NEW YORK CITY, near America Not so long ago, a paunchy prevaricator in Washington proposed to “make America great again,” as the slogan goes. It was the flag-waving, Jesus-jumping Cold War era of anti-communist hysteria in the United States: the perfect zeitgeist for J. Edgar Hoover to exert his racist, anti-Semitic, anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-immigrant, authoritarian proclivities. In his official capacity as director of the Federal Bureau ofRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Woke

Woke The Never Again Generation ‘We are not afraid … we will not be silenced … our voices are loud’  by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America Young and golden is the moment when ordinary people achieve a coalescence of causes based in righteous anger, when we realize a combined power that might shape a better future, when we cease to abide belligerent  ignorance and curable injustice. When we act, e pluribus unum, to redeem a wounded national honor. When we feel weRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock

NEW YORK CITY, near America On the final Tuesday night of January, an annual date of political pageantry in the United States, Donald J. Trump served up a State of the Union address described by New York Times columnist Timothy Egan as containing “all the staying power of vapor from a sewage vent.” The philandering Berlusconi knockoff begged to differ. The stated theme of the big speech: one year into his presidency and everything in America is hunky-dory! Fantastic. Great. Terrific. Tremendous.  The official Trump newsletter extolled the performance: “EvenRead More
Thomas Adcock Max Annas Sandi Baker Rolf Barkowski Ulrich Baron Thomas Adcock Best of American Culture – Year 2017 – Offered without question or hesitation: The best thing about Year 2017 in America, and the world for that matter, was mass resistance to the fascist wet dreams of a spray-tanned megalomaniac and his comrades in shame and criminality—the bankers, bigots, and bullies of Washington. A backlash to the grievous election of Donald J. Trump began, formally, with the “Women’s March” of January 21, the day after a toxic bag ofRead More
NEW YORK CITY, near America Like chronic boils on a fat man’s neck, Donald J. Trump shall not fade to obscurity. So long as there is a market for freak shows anywhere on Earth, he will remain in the public eye. Yet we need him gone from the White House, at least, and soon. Thus, we Americans are forging an alternative path to relief from this carbuncle of a man: Day by day, we bury Mr. Trump a little further in the ash heap of irrelevance. Resistance to the politicalRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Donald & Darla

  NEW YORK CITY, near America Her name is Darla. The soiled clothes on her back are all she owns. She sleeps on the sidewalk outside a Manhattan bank, keeping her distance from a church up the street where the feeling is mutual. Somewhere in Florida, her two small children live with their grandmother. This is all she tells anyone of her personal circumstances. When she feels safe enough to lie on her side, a risky angle for homeless women, Darla’s shirt rides up at the waist, revealing something fleshyRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: ‘Go to Hell’

As a member of the American journalistic fraternity, Donald J. Trump labels me a “damned dishonest” purveyor of “fake news,” in league with “crooked bad people” who clearly despise the United States. Be duly warned! As Dorothy and Scarecrow intoned whilst traipsing through a scary forest in the Land of Oz, “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my…!” Last month in Arizona, during a rip-roaring rally of his fascistic flock, the president of the United States elaborated on his dim view of the likes of myself: “I really think theyRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: SHOOT!

 I shall not now dwell upon the daily caboodle of news involving an orange-faced hoodlum with a soft spot for swastikas—he who presides over an imploding White House. Were there simple justice in America—a nation where uniformed nazis and kluxers armed with semiautomatic assault rifles and side arms are now free to march through the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia—this despicable man would be in prison, along with his flock of fools and felons. We hope for their imminent departure from the nation’s capital, preferably in manacles, and a time thatRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Fremdschämen

EAST GREENWICH, Rhode Island U.S.A. There are times when only German will suffice in articulating complexity, especially of infuriating nature. For instance, consider the current White House tenant, an orange-faced Manhattan braggart and tabloid newspaper oddity whom New Yorkers have loathed for the past three decades. Among this man’s latest dubious accomplishments, he has inspired certain government investigators—those not yet dismissed for probing his probable traitorous ties to Russian spies—to give the city of Washington a new moniker: Kremlin on the Potomac. How to describe him? “The beauty of GermanRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Trump’s „Fourth Reich“

SEBASTIAN GORKA, high-level White House assistant to Donald Trump, wore his Hungarian “bocskai” to the January 20 presidential inauguration balls in Washington. The braided black tunic  is popular with modern-day acolytes of Miklós Horthy, the nazi collaborationist leader whose Budapest regime saw the murders of 600,000 Jews. A medal pinned to Mr. Gorka’s tunic (close-up at right) indicates his affection for the “Order of Vitéz,” a chivalric fraternity begun by Horthy in 1920, popular once again with members of Hungary’s ultra-right political movement—the Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom. At the January balls,Read More
hentoff gut

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Nachruf: Nat Hentoff

… and other rebellious passions Thomas Adcock, Bill Moody, Alf Mayer und Thomas Wörtche entbieten ein Farewell. Nat Hentoff, der am 7. Januar 2017 in New York gestorben ist und 91 Jahre alt wurde, war für viele von uns wichtig. Er war Bürgerrechtler, Jazzkenner, Historiker und Autor von zwei Kriminalromanen. All das – darauf beharren wir ja auch bei CrimeMag –passt und gehört zusammen. Er galt als der führende Fachmann für den ersten Zusatz zur Verfassung der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika (First Amendment, 1791 verabschiedet) – diesen Verfassungsteil lebte er vollRead More

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CulturMag-Jahreshighlights 2016, Teil 1 (A-C)

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser von CulturMag, kurz vor den Feiertagen präsentieren wir Ihnen auch in diesem Jahr wieder unseren großen Jahresrückblick. Dieses Mal in acht Teilen – chaotisch, unterhaltsam, kenntnisreich – die Tops & Flops von LitMag, MusikMag & CrimeMag, wie unsere Autorinnen und Autoren das Jahr 2016 sahen: Bücher, Filme, Musik, TV, Kino, Alltag und Wahnsinn … ungeordnet & unabhängig. Feiern Sie schön, erholen Sie sich ein bisschen & rutschen Sie gut ins neue Jahr! Herzlich, Ihre Zoë Beck, Jan Karsten, Anne Kuhlmeyer, Tina Manske, Alf Mayer, Thomas Wörtche &Read More

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CrimeMag: Editorial Ausgabe Juni 2016

Herzlich willkommen zu unserer letzten CrimeMag-Ausgabe vor der Sommerpause. Am 15. August sind wir dann wieder mit prallem Fangnetz zurück. Hier aber erstmal Ihr aktueller Proviant, quer durch Fauna und Flora des Krimigenres. Unser USA-Korrespondent Thomas Adcock fragt sich „Warum lacht Trump?“, Markus Pohlmeyer erklärt uns, wie Echnaton und Thomas Mann Gott (er)fanden und was das mit Fundamentalismus zu tun hat. Sonja Hartl hat James Grady interviewt, der mit seinem „Die letzten Tages des Condor“ einen der politisch wie literarisch besten Thriller der letzten Jahre vorlegt. Susanna Mende hat sichRead More
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—CNBC Television WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?  FIFTY THOUSAND gun fanatics demand loaded firearms be permitted in a crowded arena where the Republican Party meets this summer for what promises to be a combustible presidential nominating convention. How America Got Punk’d Bang! Bang! You’re dead in Cleveland? by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2016 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America Over the course of seven days in late March, fifty thousand trigger-itching paranoiacs signed an internet petition demanding their “right” to carry loaded guns onto the assembly floor of the quadrennialRead More
(c) Deutscher Volkstanzverband Texas Tanzfest 1996, David and Allyson Sweeney, instructors

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Vortrag: Europäische Kriminalliteratur

Krimi, Kriminalliteratur, regional, europäisch … Thomas Wörtche hielt diesen Vortrag an der Evangelischen Akademie Villigst und stellte ihn uns zur Verfügung. Europäische Kriminalliteratur – was soll das sein, kann es die geben? Unter welchen Voraussetzungen? Und wer versteht darunter eigentlich was? Diesen und vielen weiteren Fragen geht er hier nach.  Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Europa auf dem Stier ist ein sehr schöner Aufmacher. Er zeigt, kriminalliterarisch gesehen, in eine originelle Richtung: Vermutlich eine eher einvernehmliche Entführung mit anschließend vermutlich einvernehmlich menschlich-göttlicher Beiwohnung – das ist als Quellmetapher für unser heutigesRead More

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Thomas Adcock: „Onward Christian Suckers!“

 ‘Onward Christian [Suckers], Marching as to War’ Muslim-hating madness & daily massacres in Jesusland   By Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2015 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK, near America   On the morning of December 7, 1941 the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, precipitating American entrance into World War II. The Japanese sunk or damaged eight battleships, three cruisers, three destroyers, an anti-aircraft training ship, and a minelayer. More than two thousand Americans were killed, another thousand wounded. President Franklin D. Roosevelt declaredRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Fear & Fascism

Fear & Fascism Repugnant Pursuit of the American Presidency Terrorism’s refugees as scapegoats du jour By Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2015 – Thomas Adcock   ‘TRUMBO,’ a newly-released movie about 1950s anti-communist hysteria, complements the début of television series based on the late Philip K. Dick’s novel of alternate history, ‘The Man in the High Castle,’ in which the United States is ruled by the German victors World War II.         NEW YORK, near America  On Sunday evening the 15th of November, I telephoned a friend toRead More
Leuci Twitter
Farewell, Pal – Robert Leuci (1940-2015) New York On those occasions when a mutual friend passed, my pal Bob Leuci and I would get on the telephone together or meet up somewhere to talk over the amusing and important things the dearly departed said, or did. Bob called such things “the music of an absent friend’s life.” Recollections exhausted, we then fell into companionable silence. Soon one or the other of us would grimly say, “The shots are getting closer, boy.” I am left alone now to write about the musicRead More
Official Signal of Distress
(Title 36, U.S. Code, Chapt. 10)

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: American Empire, R.I.P.

‘Waist Deep in the Big Muddy’ – American Empire, R.I.P.   ‘Waist Deep in the Big Muddy’ American Empire, R.I.P. By Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2015 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America Wither the United States of America? Apparently, the linchpin of U.S. foreign policy is inchoate war; it seems hardly to matter where. And here at home, one-half the longstanding governing structure of two broad-based political institutions implodes before our eyes. As world history suggests, these may be heralds of an end to imperial America. Tellingly, theRead More
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Bob Leuci: Abtrünnige

Bob Leuci – ein Tribut Thomas Adcock nimmt in dieser CrimeMag-Ausgabe Abschied von seinem überraschend verstorbenen Freund Robert „Bob“ Leuci. Fünf Leuci-Romane fanden den Weg in den deutschsprachigen Raum, sie sind lange vergriffen. Jürgen Bürger, der einige von ihnen ins Deutsche übertragen hat, will die ihm zugänglichen Leuci-Romane im nächsten Jahr in seinem spraybooks Verlag Bielfeldt + Bürger als eBooks herausbringen. Er hat uns freundlicherweise den Abdruck eines Kapitels aus „Fence Jumpers“ erlaubt, der 1998 von ihm übersetzt als „Abtrünnige“ im Schweizer Haffmans Verlag (Raben-Krimi Nr. 4) erschienen ist. ThomasRead More
Adcock Tit Squad 4
TERROR-STRICKEN TABLOIDS Stop the presses! Bare-breasted buskers the ballyhoo of Broadway! The ‘Tit Squad‘ Cops Battle a Scourge of Naked Lady Parts …with help from pious pols & Officer Jesus    by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2015 – Thomas Adcock   NEW YORK CITY, near America Be warned, ye horny gents on holiday here, the Public Morals Division of the New York Police Department is watching you! Yes, you—all you drooling out-of-towners landed here to behold the promenade of semi-naked ladies in the so-called Crossroads of the World. The forcesRead More
SCARY! The New York Daily News, fifth largest newspaper in America, devoted its June 17 cover page to Donald Trump’s declaration of presidential candidacy. (True! This page above is not photo-shopped.) NEW YORK CITY, near America How to explain The Donald, as Himself enjoys being called? Donald as in Donald J. Trump, that is—the billionaire boor and failed casino magnate who seeks the Republican Tea Party nomination for president of the United States. This man is many things, none of them attractive: glitzy real estate developer, golfer, impresario of “realityRead More

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Thomas Adcock: Bernie for President

NEW YORK CITY, near America The hands-down most appealing and forthright candidate for president of these United States is a wild-haired, mild-mannered, stoop-shouldered 73-year-old Brooklyn-born secular Jew who greatly admires Pope Francis. He hails from the farm state of Vermont, his bride is Irish-Catholic, and he calls himself a socialist. Fearful of scant advertising revenues from his barebones campaign budget—and little in titillation value: the candidate refuses to trade in traditional campaign slander—American corporate media insist that Senator Bernard Sanders, better known with respectful affection as just plain “Bernie,” hasRead More