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Three voices from Australia, USA and UK Sulari Gentill: May our stories be the embrace Covid19 has truly shaken the world as we understand it, undermined the foundations of capitalism and destabilised all we have built upon them.  But more than that, it has challenged human interaction, taken from us in a time of crisis the ability to comfort each other. The handshake, the hug, the kiss are now dangerous and forbidden, and it seems we must stand alone to face what comes. For me, Covid19 is the second life-threatening crisisRead More
„We need to rebuild more than fire-impacted houses“ Writer Sulari Gentill nearly lost her house to the bushfires, had already been forced to give it up. Her husband and son are firefighters themselves, they were out defending their doomed community. – So, this is a very close encounter with Australia’s wildfire. Sulari was ready to share her thoughts with German readers, even as she is not yet translated in Germany. Her website here. After setting out to study astrophysics, graduating in law and then abandoning her legal career to writeRead More