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Christopher G. Moore

Posted On März 15, 2017By Christopher G. MooreIn Crimemag, Kolumnen und Themen

Essay: Christopher G. Moore on Noir

A Meaning of Noir By Christopher G. Moore, creator of the Vincent Calvino crime fiction series. When you come across the phrase “noir crime fiction”. The first question is what is meant by noir? I have written private eye fiction set in Southeast Asia. My experience has probably been different from many other crime writers in the United States or Canada. The purpose is to start a discussion rather than reaching a definitive conclusion. After twenty-five years writing the sixteen novels in the Vincent Calvino series, I’ve had a chanceRead More
Linskey_Killer Instinct

Posted On September 6, 2015By Peter MuenderIn Bücher, Crimemag, News

Buchbesprechung: Howard Linskey: Killer Instinct

Howard Linskey hat nach „Crime Machine“ und „Gangland“ nun mit „Killer Instinct“ seine Trilogie des British Noir vollendet. Der Band ist so gnadenlos böse, amoralisch und grandios, wie man das von Linskey nicht anders erwartet – Von Peter MünderRead More