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Das Nachtgespenst Von Kurt Gerron Legt die Hausfrau nachts die Kette vor Im Korridor Steh‘ ich davor Mit ’ner Feile Ohne Eile Keck Feil ich se weg – Da liegt der Dreck! Wenn die Tochter grade sich entkleid’t Tret‘ ich bei ihr ein – sie tut mir leid Ich bin dein Nachtgespenst Dein süßes Nachtgespenst Ich weck‘ dich, wennde pennst So oft, bis du mich Liebling nennst Sei bloß nicht so erschreckt Du wirst nur aufgedeckt Und wennde aufgedeckt Dann wirste wieder zugedeckt Steig‘ ich durch’s Fenster ein Reizt michRead More

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Krimigedicht: Tucholskys „Nachtgespenst“

Das Nachtgespenst von Kurt Tucholsky Am Tage bin ich ein gewisser Planke nur: Planke, Erich … Breite Straße zehn. Man merkt mir gar nichts an. Und kein Gedanke Doch abends, wenn die Bogenlampen zischen, dann geh ich los und spiele still Versteck. Rein ins Parterre … ich kann so rasch entwischen … den Frauen zieh ich gern die Decke weg – Erschrecken Sie nicht! Erschrecken Sie doch! Erschrecken Sie nicht! Erschrecken Sie doch! Ich bin schon lange weg, wenn du um Hilfe rennst: Ich bin das Nachtgespenst! Ich bin dasRead More

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I got a razor By Willie Dixon Who me? Man, you know I ain’t never Lost no fight I’m way too fast for that cat Now look If me an a grizzly’s havin‘ a fight No! Don’t you think the fight ain’t fair You talkin‘ ‚bout helpin‘ me? You better help that grizzly bear I’ve got a razor, man And I’ve got a *chib, this a cinch Man, I can split a bolt a-lightnin‘ Befo‘ the lightnin‘ could move an inch Now, look If me an a wildcat Is allRead More

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Krimigedicht: Trump – von Guillermo O’Joyce

Trump The archbishop of Money, he briefly ran a broken empire. The experts barked for him or against him but no one seemed to understand this was one of the dullest human beings God had ever created. His every bleat, tweet, twerp was proof that language had gone on vacation. The man had accumulated Money beyond computation, chirped constantly with the belligerence of a drug lord, chirped with the self- importance that only money can confer, and never once had an insight, a single understanding why half the world wasRead More

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Das Krimigedicht

Pancho & Lefty   by Townes Van Zandt Living on the road my friend Was gonna keep you free and clean Now you wear your skin like iron Your breath’s as hard as kerosene You weren’t your mama’s only boy But her favorite one it seems She began to cry when you said goodbye And sank into your dreams Pancho was a bandit boys His horse was fast as polished steel Wore his gun outside his pants For all the honest world to feel Pancho met his match you knowRead More
Der Festschmaus von Ludwig Rubiner Vergiftet sind die gelben Berberfische, Eh noch der Wagen mit den Trustherrn naht. DETEKTIV GREIFF erfährt dies durch Verrat. FRED schleppt den Fallschirm in die Schloßturmnische. DER FREUND – dass keiner aus dem Hause entwische Vom passenden Getreidesyndikat Legt um den runden Saal Elektrodraht. Die Gäste stürzen sterbend auf die Tische. Greiff hat das Schloß mit Militär umstellt. Der Luftschirm trägt die Freude fort und fällt. Man dringt ins Haus. Greiff trifft auf den Kontakt. Spät birgt man Leichen, blutig und zerhackt. Fred fälscht indesRead More

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Das Krimigedicht

Shoot Him Down!   by Alice Francis This man is a ticket for a ghost train I believed what he said, but I’ll never do it once again Mama told me to resist ma heartache, but nothing can stop me from goin‘ insane He’s calling me sayin‘ ma babygirl While he’s in bed with another chick in his rose colored world I want to choke him want to maltreat him I want to squeeze him and break his neck, neck, neck I say huhuoh I I got nothing but a heartRead More
nick cave

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Red Right Hand by Nick Cave Take a little walk to the edge of town Go across the tracks Where the viaduct looms, Like a bird of doom As it shifts and cracks Where secrets lie in the border fires, In the humming wires Hey man, you know You’re never coming back Past the square, past the bridge, Past the mills, past the stacks On a gathering storm comes A tall handsome man In a dusty black coat with A red right hand He’ll wrap you in his arms, Tell youRead More

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I hold your hand in mine by Tom Lehrer I hold your hand in mine, dear I press it to my lips I take a healthy bite from Your lovely fingertips My joy would be complete, dear If you were only here But still I keep your hand As a lovely souvenir The night you died I cut it off I really don’t know why For now each time I kiss it I get bloodstains on my tie I’m sorry now I killed you For our love was something fine!Read More

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Das Krimigedicht: John Harvey: Chet Baker

Chet Baker looks out from his hotel room across the Amstel to the girl cycling by the canal who lifts her hand and waves and when she smiles he is back in times when every Hollywood producer wanted to turn his life into that bitter-sweet story where he falls badly, but only in love with Pier Angeli, Carol Lynley, Natalie Wood; that day he strolled into the studio, fall of fifty-two, and played those perfect lines across the chords of My Funny Valentine – and now when he looks upRead More

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Das Krimigedicht

Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner   by Warren Zevon Roland was a warrior from the land of the midnight sun With a Thompson gun for hire, fighting to be done The deal was made in Denmark on a dark and stormy day So he set out for Biafra to join the bloody fray Through ’66 and 7 they fought the Congo war With their fingers on their triggers, knee deep in gore For days and nights they battled, the Bantu to their knees They killed to earn their living, andRead More

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The Partisan by Leonard Cohen   When they poured across the border I was cautioned to surrender This I could not do I took my gun and vanished   I have changed my name so often I’ve lost my wife and children But I have many friends And some of them are with me   An old woman gave us shelter Kept us hidden in the garret Then the soldiers came She died without a whisper   There were three of us this morning I’m the only one this eveningRead More

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Das Krimigedicht

Das Krimigedicht: Kid Kopphausen: Mörderballade Unser Krimigedicht hat diesmal einen leider traurigen Realitätsbezug. Kid Kopphausen war eine 2011 gegründete deutsche Indie-Rockband, ein Projekt des Songwriters Nils Koppruch mit Gisbert zu Knyphausen. Die Zusammenarbeit endete durch den Tod von Nils Koppruch am 10. Oktober 2012 im Alter von 46 Jahren. Es war warm und der Wind roch nach ihr Sie lachte ihr helles Lachen und ich mochte das so sehr Oh wär ich ein Dieb, ich hätt es ihr gestohlen Und wäre auf und davon auf lautlosen Sohlen Wir blickten hinaufRead More
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Saturday Night by Herman Brood & His Wild Romance   The neon light, of the „Open all night“, was just in time replaced by the magic appearance of a new day-while, a melancholic Reno was crawling on his back just in, front of the supermarket door-way child   Hey girl, on a cold summernight, as we stood on the corner, as a man passed by and asked us, what we were doing what we need, as he pointed his big fat finger to the people hangin round at the cornerRead More

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Das Krimigedicht: Steve Earle: Taneytown

Taneytown by Steve Earle I went down to Taneytown I went down to Taneytown To see what I could see My mama told me never go But I’m almost 22 years old Sometimes I fear this holler swollow me She ran off to Gettysburg Went off with that new beau of hers I snuck off after dark Long way down the county road Stars were bright The moon was low Down to where the black top highway starts [Chorus:] I went down to Taneytown I went down to Taneytown IRead More
felice Brothers

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Frankie´s Gun   by The Felice Brothers My car goes Chicago Every weekend to pick up some cargo I think I know the bloody way by now, Frankie And turn the god damn radio down, thank you Pull over, count the money But don’t count the thirty in the glove box buddy That’s for to buy Lucille some clothes Bang, bang, bang, went Frankie’s gun He shot me down Lucille He shot me down Lucille He shot me down He shot me down He shot me down Work zones doubleRead More

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The Hunt Heute widmen wir uns dem Thema Selbstjustiz auch noch von einer weiteren Seite. Aber lesen und hören Sie selbst: We went into town on the Tuesday night Searching all the places that you hang about We're looking for you In the back street cellar dive drinking clubs In the discotheques and the gaming pubs We're looking for you You will pay the price for my own sweet brother And what he has become And a hundred other boys and girls And all that you have done We pickedRead More
Die Hinrichtung von Ludwig Rubiner DER FREUND sitzt im Gefängnis von Sing-Sing. Der Priester kommt, der ihn zum Tod bereitet. Er wird auf den Elektrostuhl geleitet, Da man ihn jüngst bei einem Morde fing. FRED, der als Techniker zur Rettung schreitet, Ist am Zentraldynamo in Verding. Er transformiert durch einen Tesla-Ring Den Wechselstrom, daß er vom Körper gleitet. Der Henker knipst, bis er die Platze kriegt. Der Freund summt sich ein Walzerlied in Moll; Als der Plafond lautlos in Splitter fliegt. Von oben saugt die Vacuum-Maschine, Und schlürft den FreundRead More

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Krimigedicht: Marty Robbins – El Paso

El Paso by Marty Robbins Out in the West Texas town of El Paso I fell in love with a Mexican girl. Night-time would find me in Rosa’s cantina; Music would play and Felina would whirl. Blacker than night were the eyes of Felina, Wicked and evil while casting a spell. My love was deep for this Mexican maiden; I was in love but in vain, I could tell. One night a wild young cowboy came in, Wild as the West Texas wind. Dashing and daring, A drink he wasRead More
Me and the Devil Blues by Robert Johnson Early this mornin’ When you knocked upon my door Early this mornin’, ooh When you knocked upon my door And I said, „Hello, Satan,“ I believe it’s time to go.“ Me and the Devil Was walkin’ side by side Me and the Devil, ooh Was walkin’ side by side And I’m goin’ to beat my woman Until I get satisfied She say you don’t see why That you will dog me ’round (spoken:) Now, babe, you know you ain’t doin’ me right,Read More

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Krimigedicht: Nina Kinert – I Shot My Man

I shot my man By Nina Kinert I shot my man yesterday I did it good I shot my man yesterday I did it good I shot my man yesterday I did it good I left no traces, sleep in heavenly peace shot his kid yesterday I killed him too shot his kid yesterday I killed him too shot his kid yesterday i killed him too who\’s next in line to make me feel fine and the mother of his child I did her too and the mother of hisRead More