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Posted On Juni 1, 2021By Christopher G. MooreIn Crimemag, CrimeMag Juni 2021

The Moore Prize 2021 Writing on Human Rights

From our editor’s desk: This is year five for this prize. Our readers are invited to recommend books that touch upon human rights themes. The Foundation would then contact the publisher and as them to submit the title for consideration. The Christopher G. Moore Foundation is pleased to announce their fifth annual literary prize honouring books that feature human rights themes. The Prize has been established to provide funds to authors who, through their work, contribute to the understanding and universality of human rights. This unique initiative will be awardedRead More

Posted On März 4, 2019By Christopher G. MooreIn Crimemag, CrimeMag März 2019

Christopher G. Moore: The Immortals and Time

The beginning and the ending … An essay by Christopher G. Moore – And a call for the The Moore Prize 2019 Writing on Human Rights at the end of this text. The word “immortals” is entwined in my mind with the Jorge Luis Borges’ story titled The Immortals. The story is an exploration of immortal beings imprisoned in the infinite and seeking to understand their condition. This passage in particular speaks a truth about our ideas of immortality. “Indoctrinated by a practice of centuries the republic of immortal men had attained the perfection of tolerance and almost that of indifference. TheyRead More