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Posted On Februar 15, 2017By John HarveyIn Crimemag, Kolumne

Kolumne: John Harvey: New beginnings

John Harvey on starting a new novel with Frank Elder “Now it is necessary to get to the grindstone again.” Ernest Hemingway, 1938 “So there is this pressure now, on every sentence, not just to say what it has to say, but to justify its claim upon our time.” Renata Adler: Pitch Dark Two quotations which were very much in mind at the end a week in which I began writing a new book for the first time since I set out on the road to Darkness, Darkness back in 2013. Not another CharlieRead More

Posted On März 15, 2016By John HarveyIn Crimemag, Kolumne

Kolumne: John Harvey: In a Mellotone (6)

Rocking Hemingway’s Boat von John Harvey. Ever since I started writing with any degree of seriousness, or even a little before, I’ve been fascinated by interviews with writers about their work – hence the pile of „Paris Review“ single issues and anthologies ever-growing on the shelf. In a few cases, not many, this has spilled over into an interest in their wider lives – biographies, collections of letters, diaries – F. Scott Fitzgerald, D. H. Lawrence, Arnold Bennett, Virginia Woolf. But, although Hemingway was one of those writers I beganRead More