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Stella Sinatras URknall

Kruscheln im Paradies 1 bild / 100 worte That night, jede Stunde rüber zu CNN wie in ein paralleles Universum, in dem der Paillasse gewinnt. Congrats. Now do your worst! Und nein, Wien, Cohen starb schon am Tag davor, er kruschelt nun im Paradies mit Pubertätsbeschleuniger-Kollege Hermann Hesse. Währenddessen sind Radioastronomen weiter dran, die Pulsar-Signale zu entschlüsseln. Lautet die Botschaft tatsächlich: MAKE THE GALAXY GREAT AGAIN? „Die Hillary“ (stockholmen wir), „die Hillary, die war auch nicht das Gelbe, mit ihrer Merkel-Garderobe.“ Am Himmel nippelt der Supermond. „Bete für uns“, schreibtRead More
  Heil dem amerikanischen Faschistenführer! PRESIDENT-elect Donald Trump: fascist sociopath, vulgarian, sexual predator, liar, racist, vindictive boor, misogynist, narcissist, anti-Semite, know-nothing lackwit, immigrant basher, Islamophobe, deadbeat, Holocaust denier, climate change denier, TV loudmouth, huckster, hypocrite, bankruptcy court habitué, xenophobe, accused fraudster (in seventy-five pending lawsuits), purveyor of Chinese sweatshop schmata, faux billionaire, tax dodger, failed hotelier, failed casino magnate, gun fanatic, admirer of Russian and North Korean autocrats. Dark Days in the U.S.A. ‘White America Has Lost Its Mind’ The Resistible Rise of Donald Trump by Thomas Adcock Copyright ©Read More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: A Crime Against Democracy

See you later Der Beitrag unseres USA-Korrespondenten Thomas Adcock, der den ganzen US-Wahlkampf mit vielen großen Essays begleitet hat, verzögert sich ein wenig. Bitte schauen Sie wieder herein. Oder lesen Sie seine prophetischen Texte noch einmal nach. Our US-columnist Thomas „Tom“ Adcock is still busy on his latest essay. Please visit us again later, or have a look at his eerily prophetic essays over the last months. It was February 15, 2016, when he wrote: WHOOPEE the Ice Queen,’ also known as Sarah Palin, favors a Manhattan billionaire-bigot-blowhard for president—Read More
Why My East Texas Neighbors are Voting for Trump It’s not because they’re stupid rednecks. Joe R. Lansdale Voting for Trump is about being part of a large reality show. Really. The general view of the non-Trump supporter is that those who have chosen to vote for him are rednecks with 12 teeth, six of them in their coat pocket, and it’s possible those teeth might be on loan from someone else. The majority of these Trump supporters are listed primarily as White Uneducated Voters, which is code for “stupidRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: November Surprise

       —Facebook November Surprise Justice Delayed, but Not Denied Make the Graybar Hotel great again by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2016 — Thomas Adcock WASHINGTON, D.C. Should current opinion polling hold steady clear to Election Day, five weeks hence, the loathsome Donald J. Trump will fail in his bid for presidency of the United States; the bullyboy misogynist will suffer ironic defeat at the hands of a girl—Hillary Clinton. And if the fair and righteous impulse to kick a creep when he’s down, the lying bigot, schlockmeister, andRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Goebbels Envy

SHORT-FINGERED VULGARIAN Donald J. Trump (at left) plots a post-election American media empire according to the two-fisted gospel of Germany’s Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda during the Third Reich, 1933-1945. Goebbels Envy Donald Does the ‘Long Con’ Set the dial for ‘alt-right’ Trump TV   by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2016 – Thomas Adcock WASHINGTON, D.C. Fellow citizens of the world, brace your selves for filth heretofore unseen in the moveable feast of political pornography that is Donald J. Trump’s quest for presidency of the United States—an effort he andRead More
                          Congress at Work Keeping the U.S.A. Safe for Massacres Potential assassination foretold? By Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2016 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK, near America   Having dispersed from a July political convention that anointed a fascist sociopath as their party’s choice for the White House, Republican members of the United States Congress are currently on extended holiday from the burden of accomplishing nothing to advance the interests of us suckers, a/k/a ordinary citizens. At some point in September, they will reconnoiter down in Washington to resume licking theRead More
HEIL TRUMP! Old-time Dixie bigots and American neo-nazis salute their hero in the lead-up to a Cleveland jamboree of xenophobia, white racism, and hush-hush porn. Polite media called the Republican Party gathering a convention. Others called it a Klanvention. Fear & Loathing in Ohio Donald Trump’s Fascist Bacchanal  True-believers: Death to Hillary Clinton!     by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2016 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America   Like flies buzzing over hot dung, admirers of the execrable Donald J. Trump flocked to mid-July’s Republican Party convention inRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Why is This Man Laughing?

                                                   —NBC Television ‘Glorious Leader’ Why is This Man Laughing? ‘Are Americans, Like, Stupid?’ The genius & menace of ‘Glorious Leader’ By Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2016 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK, near America “Tommy, would you like to know how come I’m so goddamn rich?” asked the boss. Said I, of course, “Yes, Jack—“ • Smack in the middle of nerve-jangling days at his bustling Madison Avenue agency, the late great John G. “Jack” Avrett would call me into his baronial sanctum sanctorum: a mahogany-paneled corner office withRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Toilet Panic!

NEWEST BUGBEAR in the world of American political lunacy is the mythical predatory transgender brute intruding on the sanctity of women’s restrooms. As depicted in a meme gone viral on Facebook (above), the fixation infected the presidential election campaign. Toilet Panic! Right-Wingers in Sexual Frenzy  Ted Cruz thrills the hateful faithful   by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2016 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America  In the waning days of April, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was bereft of hot prurience, the gassy fuel powering his pestiferous and ultimately futileRead More
WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?  FIFTY THOUSAND gun fanatics demand loaded firearms be permitted in a crowded arena where the Republican Party meets this summer for what promises to be a combustible presidential nominating convention. How America Got Punk’d Bang! Bang! You’re dead in Cleveland? by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2016 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America Over the course of seven days in late March, fifty thousand trigger-itching paranoiacs signed an internet petition demanding their “right” to carry loaded guns onto the assembly floor of the quadrennial Republican PartyRead More
“IF YOU KILL ME NOW,” Benito Mussolini reportedly said to his Italian executioners in  1945, “I will come back as the head of a far more powerful nation in need of a leader…” Bigots, Bibles & Bombs America’s Dangerous Political Season The beast is loose   by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2016 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America Fascism plagued much of Europe from the 1920s through the 1970s, and even somewhat beyond. Political disease of this recent past is prologue to the dangerous political season at present.Read More
  —New York Daily News cover page, 20 January 2016  ‘WHOOPEE the Ice Queen,’ also known as Sarah Palin, favors a Manhattan billionaire-bigot-blowhard for president— ‘reality TV’ tycoon Donald Trump. Satirists are not amused. The Orthodoxy of Unreality America Through the Looking Glass ‘We don’t need no stinkin’ facts’ NEW YORK, near America On the first honestly cold winter’s day of the year, my friends Pam Trelstad and Frank Esser came visiting from the charming university town of Cedar Falls, Iowa. They had some pleasant business to conduct in NewRead More

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Stella Sinatras URknall

Schwamm drüber 1 bild / 100 worte Und ich erlebte Freiheit, als ich unter Brücken schlief in Bern. Was für ein struppiger Hund ich doch war! Nur meine Schwestern liebten mich, bevor sie verschwanden, die Wölfe, versteht ihr. All those highways full of lost girls… Schwamm drüber. MR. TRUMP! Vier Sterne am Nachthimmel sind nach ihm benannt, jedoch die Sterne von Hillary und Marco leuchten heller. Kostenpunkt pro Stern: eine Handvoll Dollar. Zurück zu mir: Ich suchte und fand Unterschlupf, wham bam thankee m’am, und dann – Schwamm drüber –Read More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Fear & Fascism

Fear & Fascism Repugnant Pursuit of the American Presidency Terrorism’s refugees as scapegoats du jour By Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2015 – Thomas Adcock ‘TRUMBO,’ a newly-released movie about 1950s anti-communist hysteria, complements the début of television series based on the late Philip K. Dick’s novel of alternate history, ‘The Man in the High Castle,’ in which the United States is ruled by the German victors World War II. NEW YORK, near America  On Sunday evening the 15th of November, I telephoned a friend to warn him against wasting moneyRead More

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Stella Sinatras URknall

Sterne über Hillsborough 1 bild / 100 worte Orion hängt über unsern Köpfen, so dicht, gleich stürzt er auf uns herab, bereitet dem Wundern ein Ende, arm/reich, „einheimischer Terrorismus“, Wagen voller Clowns. – „Wann sagt der Präsident endlich, wie’s ist?“ – Die einen suchen Veränderung, andere warten auf den Meteoriten, das Ende der Menschheit, den zweiten Niedergang Roms… Er aber stellte bei der Golden Gate Bridge sein Auto ab, wo man es später fand. Ihn sah man nie wieder. Heute wäre er ein alter, alter Mann. Froher vielleicht? Sein RobinsonRead More
SCARY! The New York Daily News, fifth largest newspaper in America, devoted its June 17 cover page to Donald Trump’s declaration of presidential candidacy. (True! This page above is not photo-shopped.) NEW YORK CITY, near America How to explain The Donald, as Himself enjoys being called? Donald as in Donald J. Trump, that is—the billionaire boor and failed casino magnate who seeks the Republican Tea Party nomination for president of the United States. This man is many things, none of them attractive: glitzy real estate developer, golfer, impresario of “realityRead More

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Thomas Adcock: Theatre of Distraction

New York, near America Never mind America’s backstage squabbles and squalors, our societal troubles and turpitudes, our devastations and disappointments. All eyes, please, on the spotlighted proscenium! Pay no attention to those ring-kissed plutocrats and oligarchs behind the curtain; behold, as it rises on the Theatre of Distraction. Hark! The pieties, platitudes, and perfidies we hear compose a farcical prelude to the oldest established permanent floating crap game in these United States: the quadrennial presidential campaign season. Per custom at this stage of the game, festivities were officially launched lastRead More