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  Dietrich Kalteis Carsten Klindt Nick Kolakowski Else Laudan Dietrich Kalteis: To do the right thing For me this was a year of some great entertainment in films, books and music. Maybe more films than books in 2018, but as always a lot of great music. There were a few of award-winning films from late last year that I really enjoyed. First off, there’s „Darkest Hour“, a story we’re all familiar with, one of certain defeat turning to victory. Gary Oldman sure brought it on in his brilliant portrayal ofRead More
Joe Ide Dietrich Kalteis Andreas Köhnemann Anne Kuhlmeyer Else Laudan Joe Ide My favorite crime novels of 2017: Wayfaring Stranger by James Lee Burke.  Weldon Avery Holland is not Dave Robicheaux but he is Dave Robicheaux. A man of enormous character, integrity and courage.  The writing is lyrical and brutal, beautiful and horrifying, intimate and sprawling,  a history lesson with lessons about now and forever.  Classic James Lee. (German title: Fremdes Land.) My Absolute Darling by Gabriele Tallent.    This book is too good.  Too suspenseful, too harrowing, too terrifying, too real,Read More