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(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go Curtis Mayfield Der revolutionäre Song von 1970 wurde jetzt zur Titelsequenz für die Serie „The Deuce“.  (Crowd chattering) Woman: Last night, I was so depressed and I picked up my bible and turned to the book of Revelations. And if people would just get…pick up the Bible and read it, they would really turn around and straighten up. This is all we need to do is just get the Good Book and read it and put it to everydayRead More

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Krimigedicht: Curtis Mayfield – Billy Jack

Billy Jack by Curtis Mayfield Just out of Monday Run into a friend Down the street, down the street Where I live Ah! Ah! Sad things begin I could feel from within From the message From the message He had to give ‘Bout a buddy of mine Running out of time His life’s running out of time Somebody past noon Shot across the room And now the man no longer lives Too bad about him Too sad about him Don’t get me wrong The man is gone But it’s aRead More