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Kolumne: Christopher G. Moore: Ethnocracy

Ethnocracy By Christopher G. Moore For a definition of ethnocracy Wikipedia provides: „An ethnocracy is a type of political structure in which the state apparatus is appropriated by a dominant ethnic group (or groups) to further its interests, power and resources. Ethnocratic regimes typically display a combination of ‚thin‘ democratic facade covering a more profound ethnic structure, in which ethnicity (or race, or Religion) – and not citizenship – is the key to securing power and resources. An ethnocratic society facilitates the ethnicization of the state by the dominant group,Read More

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Christopher G. Moore: Views from Bangkok

Wenn Deutschland Regiogrimmi-mäßig abgegrast sein wird, werden sich viele Autoren wieder daran erinnern, dass der Globus riesig ist und Asien als Boom-Gegend gilt. Dann wollen sie bestimmt ihre Krimis in der großen weiten Welt spielen lassen. Dazu gibt es Rat von unserem Mann in Bangkok, Christopher G. Moore … In what Asian City Should I Set my Crime Novel? Like most writers, I receive emails from readers. Often they are comments about a particular book. Others write with suggestions and ideas for books. Still a few are people who seekRead More

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Christopher G. Mooore: Views from Bangkok (18)

Wir denken bei Thailand automatisch an Sex-Business, Sex-Tourismus, Korruption und organisierte Kriminalität. Von außen. Christopher G. Moore lebt in dieser Gesellschaft. Heute dreht sich alles um Verbrechen, Polizeiarbeit, unterschiedliche Interessen und betrübliche Relativitäten … Psychic Justice and the Predatory Class Three cases stand out this week in the world’s criminal justice system. One was a police raid, helicopters, cars, reporters all descending on a rural farmhouse outside Houston, Texas on a psychic’s claim of having a vision of a mass grave on the premises. The second and third cases aroseRead More