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Posted On Januar 28, 2015By Thomas AdcockIn Kolumnen und Themen, Litmag

Thomas Adcock: Theatre of Distraction

New York, near America Never mind America’s backstage squabbles and squalors, our societal troubles and turpitudes, our devastations and disappointments. All eyes, please, on the spotlighted proscenium! Pay no attention to those ring-kissed plutocrats and oligarchs behind the curtain; behold, as it rises on the Theatre of Distraction. Hark! The pieties, platitudes, and perfidies we hear compose a farcical prelude to the oldest established permanent floating crap game in these United States: the quadrennial presidential campaign season. Per custom at this stage of the game, festivities were officially launched lastRead More
Send in the Clowns Republican Genius on Parade By Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2013 Thomas Adcock NEW YORK, near America Two decades ago, I worked for a mordantly wise and very wealthy man named Jasper R. That which he taught me I hereby pass along to you, dear Reader: lessons to help us grasp meaning from a fresh cycle of political flapdoodle now commenced—namely, a new cotillion of Republican Party clowns campaigning for presidency of the United States, never mind that the election is three years from happening. While stillRead More