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Posted On Oktober 17, 2017By Christopher G. MooreIn Crimemag, Kolumne

Kolumne: Christopher G. Moore: Ethnocracy

Ethnocracy By Christopher G. Moore For a definition of ethnocracy Wikipedia provides: „An ethnocracy is a type of political structure in which the state apparatus is appropriated by a dominant ethnic group (or groups) to further its interests, power and resources. Ethnocratic regimes typically display a combination of ‚thin‘ democratic facade covering a more profound ethnic structure, in which ethnicity (or race, or Religion) – and not citizenship – is the key to securing power and resources. An ethnocratic society facilitates the ethnicization of the state by the dominant group,Read More
The Headlock of Kinship By Christopher G. Moore Archeological finds coupled with better techniques of carbon dating have pushed back the origins of our species to nearly 300,000 years. The environment in which humans evolved favoured family groups as a cohesive, cooperative unit for food gathering and protection against predators. Complaining about your uncle, grandmother or nephew being idle or incompetent wasn’t going to help. The whole group was interconnected. They stuck together because they had no other choice. And remember, for hundreds of thousands of years, hominids lived inRead More
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Posted On Juni 15, 2017By Christopher G. MooreIn Crimemag

Christopher G. Moore: Moore Prize 2017

  Christopher G. Moore – unser Mann in Bangkok – ist nicht nur mit seinen Calvino-Romanen ein wichtiger Schriftsteller, sondern auch ein politisch und sozial engagierter Mensch.  Deswegen hat er jetzt einen Preis gestiftet. Alle Titel auf der Shortlist sind einiger Aufmerksamkeit wert:  2017 Moore Prize – Non-fiction Short-list  Human rights and freedom of expression have come under siege by powerful political forces in many parts of the world. The gains of the past may unravel and reverse. In this environment, the Christopher G. Moore Foundation will be awarding aRead More
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Creative Lawyers and Judges By Christopher G. Moore Most writers are asked about their prior jobs. When I say my job was a law professor and lawyer, they follow up by asking whether law training helps or hurts you as a novelist. The creative aspects of law practice before a judge features in this excellent article by Maksymilian Del Mar: The Legal Imagination. Having been on both sides of two creative cultures, and that has given me a slightly different perspective from Del Mar. Here are my thoughts. Lawyers (specifically trialRead More