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Bloody Chops August 2018

Bücher, kurz serviert Kurzbesprechungen von fiction und non fiction. Joachim Feldmann (JF), Tobias Gohlis (TG), Alf Mayer (AM), Frank Rumpel (rum.) und Thomas Wörtche (TW) über … Alice Bolin: Dead Girls Alberto Breccia: Lovecraft Andrew Brown: Teuflische Saat Gianrico Carofiglio: Kalter Sommer Raymond Chandler: The Annotated Big Sleep Dan Chaon: Der Wille zum Bösen Lee Child: Im Visier Lee Child: Jack Reachers Gesetz. Lektionen fürs Überleben Bill Clinton/James Patterons The President is missing Lucie Flebbe: Jenseits von Wut Urs Freinsheimer: Option auf den Tod Daniel Kramer. Bob Dylan: Ein Jahr undRead More

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Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Toilet Panic!

NEWEST BUGBEAR in the world of American political lunacy is the mythical predatory transgender brute intruding on the sanctity of women’s restrooms. As depicted in a meme gone viral on Facebook (above), the fixation infected the presidential election campaign. Toilet Panic! Right-Wingers in Sexual Frenzy  Ted Cruz thrills the hateful faithful   by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2016 – Thomas Adcock   NEW YORK CITY, near America  In the waning days of April, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was bereft of hot prurience, the gassy fuel powering his pestiferous and ultimatelyRead More