… written by a crackhead scriptwriter I wanted to write something positive, preferably something about the culture and people of South Africa. Sadly, that was not to be. Instead, just when I thought I could not be bewildered by anything more about South Africa, the ANC showed me the error of my ways. South Africa is scheduled to have local elections on 27 October 2021. These elections are quite important as they affect local service delivery, which has become somewhat erratic, given the close relationship between ANC cadre deployment andRead More
Protest time in South Africa By Sandi Baker South Africa is a divided country that once prided itself on being the poster child for truth and reconciliation. The people of South Africa went out to march on Friday, 7 April, most against President Zuma but some for him. The marches were relatively peaceful with few incidents of violence and aggression. These were not the usual protests of black South Africans protesting against service delivery in far-flung areas in Limpopo away from the commercial hubs of Gauteng and Cape Town. TheseRead More