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The Kill by Amanda Palmer & Brian Viglione (aka The Dresden Dolls) I am anarchist An Antichrist An asterisk I am atheist An acolyte An alcoholic I am eleven feet OK, eight Six foot three I am an amazon An ampersand An accident I fought the British and I won I am a rocket ship A jet fighter A paper airplane Say what you will I am the kill The only only one that makes you real The only thing that makes you really truly safe from me Put PatRead More

Posted On August 10, 2013By Die RedaktionIn Crimemag, Krimigedicht

Krimigedicht: Amanda Palmer ‒ Ampersand

Ampersand by Amanda Palmer I walk down my street at night The city lights are cold and violent I am comforted by the Approaching sound of trucks and sirens Even though the world’s so bad These men rush out to help the dying And though I am no use to them I do my part by simply smiling The ghetto boys are catcalling me As I pull my keys from my pocket I wonder if this method Of courtship has ever been effective Has any girl in history said Sure,Read More