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What we lost – and what we have Sara Paretsky and Liza Cody bid their farewells to Sue Grafton (April 24, 1940 – December 28, 2017). Chicago, January 2018 Sue Grafton and I published our first novels in 1982 ( A is for Alibi and Indemnity Only). We weren’t the first writers to create women detectives but ours were the first in the hard-boiled tradition. Kinsey and VI were tough, could have sex lives, could drink and still hold their own in complex investigations involving desperate villains. Liza Cody’s AnnaRead More
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Sara Paretsky on the feminist awakening that led to her V.I. Warshaswski I was ten when I read my first work of history: Mark Twain’s Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. True, it’s a romantic and sentimental version of the saint, but Twain did read all the original source material. His passion for Joan spoke to my own young experience and yearnings. Personal Recollections didn’t make me want to be a historian, but it did make me long for a vision as great as hers and the passion to seeRead More