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Three voices from Australia, USA and UK Sulari Gentill: May our stories be the embrace Covid19 has truly shaken the world as we understand it, undermined the foundations of capitalism and destabilised all we have built upon them.  But more than that, it has challenged human interaction, taken from us in a time of crisis the ability to comfort each other. The handshake, the hug, the kiss are now dangerous and forbidden, and it seems we must stand alone to face what comes. For me, Covid19 is the second life-threatening crisisRead More
The Way Fayann Found Exclusive for CrimeMag, Lisa Sandlin provided us with an X-mas present of sorts: an excerpt from the sequel to “Ein Job für Delpha” (The Do-Right). Here it is – with greetings to Delpha’s German readers.             During the time Delpha had worked the prison’s infirmary, anybody sick enough to need a surgeon got carried out to a hospital. A new girl on kitchen duty drenched herself with a 16 oz. bottle of vanilla extract and fed her sleeve to a gasRead More