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Posted On Oktober 16, 2018By Richard HoytIn Crimemag, CrimeMag Oktober 2018

Exklusiv: Richard Hoyt „Pussy Bomb“

Richard Hoyt „Pussy Bomb“ The Rude Truth of President Ronald Strangelove Exklusiver Textauszug – und eine Einladung zur Subskription (Crowdfunding invitation). A satirical roman à clef with President Ronald Strangedick urinating on his countrymen from the Ovary Orifice — a tale of popular delusions, nuclear craziness, national security pratfalls, and bizarre truths. Richard Hoyt, with 27 thrillers on his plate, still has not found a publisher for his new novel, „Pussy Bomb“. Maybe because he has written literary napalm. He says: „Stormy Daniels is telling the world the literal truth in her bookRead More