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Is it just a month ago that I was asked to write about the fires consuming the Australian earth and psyche? Now we’re onto the second horse of the apocalypse – pestilence. It feels strange to be commenting on these things month by month – like I’m offering punditry on our looming extinction. A couple of weeks ago I joked with my wife, Kath, that I was thinking of self-isolating. ‘What’s new?’ she said. As a writer and a generally anti-social person the reclusivity has been my MO for aRead More
Flaming tragedy by Alan Carter, Stephen Greenall, David Whish-Wilson Alan Carter: We could literally not make this shit up… If Scandi-noir is defined by ice then it comes as no surprise that Oz-noir was born out of fire. Drought and fire are ingrained into Australian literature as they should be for woe-betide anybody who takes this sunburnt country for granted. More recently fire has been an evil and foreboding presence in a number of Australian crime novels, including but not limited to, Peter Temple’s Truth, Jane Harper’s The Dry, and J.P. Pomare’s InRead More
Perth – zwischen Unschuld und Niedertracht – Von Alan Carter. Schuldig: Siebeneinhalb Jahre Haft für den Mann, der mit der Drohung, einem Bergbau-Manager in Perth mit einem Bolzenschneider die Finger abzuschneiden, 200.000 AUD erpresste. Schlagzeile in der Zeitung, 1. Oktober 2010 Es war ein übler Fall, der in ganz Australien Schlagzeilen machte. Der Rohstoffboom in Western Australia war gerade auf dem Höhepunkt, ein Ausdruck des Unternehmergeistes, der diesen Bundesstaat so groß gemacht hat. In einem Eldorado muss man nicht unbedingt in den Schacht hinunter, um Geld zu machen. Als ichRead More