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Posted On Mai 13, 2015By Die Redaktion

In memoriam Thomas Backs

Eine traurige, eine schockierende Nachricht erreichte uns in der letzten Woche: Unser langjähriger Autor und geschätzter Kollege Thomas Backs ist verstorben, im Alter von nur 42 Jahren. Wir erinnern uns und nehmen Abschied. Wir wollten doch noch mal zu den Boxhamsters… Wo immer du jetzt auch sein magst, ob im Musikhimmel oder sonst wo – schade, dass du uns hier schon verlassen hast. Wir kannten uns eigentlich nicht richtig gut. Caesars Poll, und CULTurMAG – irgendwie kamen wir über unsere Leidenschaft für Pop-Musik und das Internet in Kontakt. DreimalRead More
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Posted On September 7, 2013By Thomas Backs

Thomas Backs im Gespräch mit Hanno Parmentier

Peter Kürten ‒ Eine Chronik des Grauens ‒ Der Düsseldorfer Serienmörder Peter Kürten schockierte in den Jahren 1929/30 ganz Deutschland, seine Morde und Überfälle waren Tagesgespräch, auch im europäischen Ausland und den US-amerikanischen Metropolen bewegten die Berichte Menschen und Medien. Der Düsseldorfer Historiker und Journalist Hanno Parmentier hat sich über Monate mit den Polizei-und Gerichtsakten beschäftigt – Thomas Backs interviewte ihn zu seinem Werk „Der Würger von Düsseldorf“. A little girl has lost her way, with hair of gold and eyes of grey. We lie beneath the autumn sky, myRead More
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Posted On November 24, 2012By Thomas Backs

Thomas Backs

Thomas Backs geboren 1972, ein Kind des Ruhrgebiets. Studierte Anglistik und Germanistik in Bochum und Galway/ Irland. Musikliebhaber, der ruhige Stunden mit Romanen und Erzählungen von Degens bis Highsmith genießt. Autor und Journalist, lebt mit Frau und Sohn im Rheinland. Zu den CULTurMAG-Beiträgen von Thomas Backs. Zur Website von Thomas Backs.    Read More

Posted On April 1, 2020By Thomas Adcock

Thomas Adcock (Kolumnist): Criminal Stupidity #Covid-19

NEW YORK CITY, near America Fundamental to the citizens of Trumpistan is cultish deference to Dear Leader’s every vile tweet, every ludicrous lie, every malignant boast, every odious blast of oral flatulence from Dear Leader’s kewpie doll lips—the more racist the blast the better. In this time of global pandemic, in which the United States has surpassed the health and economic devastations of China and Italy, more and more Americans are homebound, voluntarily or by legal order. We flip on our television sets each day in search of governmental andRead More

Posted On März 1, 2020By Thomas Adcock

Thomas Adcock: King of the Rich White Guys

NEW YORK CITY, near America Lawrence Peter Berra—sportsman and grand master of spoonerisms—warned us of epochal times like these: “It’s déjà vu all over again.” The late Mr. Berra (1925-2015) is affectionately known by generations of New York Yankees fans as “Yogi.” When he can bear to look down from where he resides in Baseball Heaven, I believe he is distressed by what he sees: an unholy number of us Americans’ failure to grasp the caution implied in his most famous lapsus linguae, beguiled as we habitually are by allRead More

Posted On August 5, 2019By Thomas Adcock

Thomas Adcock: Ah, the Country Life …

In the Beginning, a Terrace in Manhattan                                                                                                                                                                 Running out of room for Mother Nature  Ah, the Country Life … No End to Savage AmusementViolent geese, vile squirrels, toads in love, etc. Copyright © 2019 • Thomas Adcock NORTH CHATHAM, New York—U.S.A. Once upon a time, my wife and I were content as full-time denizens of hustle-bustle Manhattan—brash heart of a loud city populated by hundreds of skyscrapers and nearly nine million squabbling strivers; where anyone not beating you over the head with a club has friendship potential. We lived—and still do, Monday throughRead More

Posted On August 15, 2018By Thomas Adcock

Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: Justice is Nigh for Trump

Justice is Nigh for Trump His Cult Keeps the Fascist Faith A promise of national catharsis in November by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2018 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America   I am happy to report that America’s most repulsive individual, Donald J. Trump, is not long for Washington. The current presidency—a circus of the tawdry, the pathetic, the crazy, the criminal, and the cruel—cannot sustain itself, no matter that its ringmaster is a virtuoso of ballyhoo and bullcrap. He is also a ringmaster in a death spiral.Read More

Posted On September 19, 2017By Thomas Adcock

Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: ‘Go to Hell’

As a member of the American journalistic fraternity, Donald J. Trump labels me a “damned dishonest” purveyor of “fake news,” in league with “crooked bad people” who clearly despise the United States. Be duly warned! As Dorothy and Scarecrow intoned whilst traipsing through a scary forest in the Land of Oz, “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my…!” Last month in Arizona, during a rip-roaring rally of his fascistic flock, the president of the United States elaborated on his dim view of the likes of myself: “I really think theyRead More
                                  —Photo/Design by Matt Kollash/ Congress at Work Keeping the U.S.A. Safe for Massacres Potential assassination foretold? By Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2016 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK, near America   Having dispersed from a July political convention that anointed a fascist sociopath as their party’s choice for the White House, Republican members of the United States Congress are currently on extended holiday from the burden of accomplishing nothing to advance the interests of us suckers, a/k/a ordinary citizens. At some point in September, they will reconnoiterRead More

Posted On April 15, 2016By Thomas Adcock

Kolumne: Thomas Adcock: How America Got Punk’d

—CNBC Television WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?  FIFTY THOUSAND gun fanatics demand loaded firearms be permitted in a crowded arena where the Republican Party meets this summer for what promises to be a combustible presidential nominating convention. How America Got Punk’d Bang! Bang! You’re dead in Cleveland? by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2016 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America Over the course of seven days in late March, fifty thousand trigger-itching paranoiacs signed an internet petition demanding their “right” to carry loaded guns onto the assembly floor of the quadrennialRead More
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Posted On Juni 13, 2015By Thomas Adcock

Thomas Adcock: Bernie for President

NEW YORK CITY, near America The hands-down most appealing and forthright candidate for president of these United States is a wild-haired, mild-mannered, stoop-shouldered 73-year-old Brooklyn-born secular Jew who greatly admires Pope Francis. He hails from the farm state of Vermont, his bride is Irish-Catholic, and he calls himself a socialist. Fearful of scant advertising revenues from his barebones campaign budget—and little in titillation value: the candidate refuses to trade in traditional campaign slander—American corporate media insist that Senator Bernard Sanders, better known with respectful affection as just plain “Bernie,” hasRead More
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Posted On Juni 3, 2015By Thomas Adcock

Thomas Adcock: Wednesday in the Park with Korman

As we know from the mountain range of sociological studies on the topic, men have a hard time making friends with their fellow men. This is especially true for white, heterosexual men; doubly true for shamrocks like myself, warned since our days in short pants to beware of the Dread Emotional Talk. Counsel thus given to a nascent borstal boy: No girly talk for thee, Tommy-boyo. None of that missy-missy, passion-soaked palaver. No siree! You must keep the chatter he-man, laddy-buck. Football and motorcars and power tools—that’s the stuff. UnlessRead More
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Posted On Januar 28, 2015By Thomas Adcock

Thomas Adcock: Theatre of Distraction

New York, near America Never mind America’s backstage squabbles and squalors, our societal troubles and turpitudes, our devastations and disappointments. All eyes, please, on the spotlighted proscenium! Pay no attention to those ring-kissed plutocrats and oligarchs behind the curtain; behold, as it rises on the Theatre of Distraction. Hark! The pieties, platitudes, and perfidies we hear compose a farcical prelude to the oldest established permanent floating crap game in these United States: the quadrennial presidential campaign season. Per custom at this stage of the game, festivities were officially launched lastRead More
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‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses—’ by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2014—Thomas Adcock NEW YORK, near America Anxious about corruption and political instability in their ancestral country—and threats to their child from murderous street gangs—an impoverished couple made their way to a land of opportunity on the other side of a desert divide. For much of the journey, these undocumented immigrants traveled by foot and under cover of darkness. They were determined to provide a constructive future for their son, though it meant being uprooted from theRead More
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Posted On April 26, 2014By Thomas Adcock

Thomas Adcock: American Terrorists & Their Cheerleaders

American Terrorists & Their Cheerleaders ‘If you’re white, you’re all right!’ by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2014 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK CITY, near America Had he shouted Black Power! or Allahu Akbar! from the caged backseat of a police cruiser, where he sat cuffed and shackled in the wake of three murders in mid-April outside a Jewish community center and retirement home in suburban Kansas City, the American people might have recognized that something must be done about Frazier Glenn Miller and people like him. As it was, theRead More
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Posted On März 8, 2014By Thomas Adcock

Thomas Adcock: Who Lies? Who Dies?

 Who Lies? Who Dies? Who pays? Who profits? by Thomas Adcock Copyright © 2014 – Thomas Adcock NEW YORK, near America The tiresome ballet of war is a pas de deux in which opposing sides claim to uphold all that is moral and civilized. First comes the performers’ entrée. Next—the adagio, variations, and coda. Thus goes a deadly dance as old as dirt: Enter the schemers, and their lies. Trumpets announce a parade of the very latest in military arts required to cull the combatant populations of their young menRead More
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Posted On Februar 23, 2013By Thomas Adcock

Thomas Adcock: American Blood Money, Inc., Teil 3/3

CORPORATE PIMPS and/or AMERICAN PSYCHOS. Top row, from left: mass murderer Jared Loughner; gun fetishists Gayle Trotter and Wayne LaPierre; kindergarten killer Adam Lanza, who shot his mother in the face. Middle row: Dick Cheney, who shot his hunting companion in the face; war jingoist Donald Rumsfeld; Senator Lindsey Graham, companion to an AR-15 semi-automatic assault carbine. Bottom row: John Yoo, law professor and torture advocate; General Philip H. Sheridan, genocide advocate; George W. Bush, war criminal. American Blood Money, Inc. By Thomas Adcock (Copyright © 2013) Lesen Sie hierRead More
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Ein Blick in die Kristallkugel: Unser „USA-Korrespondent“, der Autor und „Edgar“-Preisträger Thomas Adcock, wagt einen Blick auf die Entwicklung zentraler Aspekte und Themen der amerikanischen Politik und Gesellschaft im Jahr 2013.  Setzt sich die Spaltung des Landes weiter fort? Wie sieht die Zukunft der Tea-Party aus und ihrer teilweise absurd argumentierenden Vertreter aus? Wie entwickelt sich der Finanzsektor? Kommt es tatsächlich zu einer wirkungsvollen Reform der Waffengesetze? Und: Wir geht’s weiter mit dem „War on Terror“? Lesen Sie Prognosen und Hintergründe zu aktuellen Themen der amerikanischen Gegenwart (Teil 1). IMAGESRead More
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Posted On Dezember 22, 2012By Thomas Adcock

Thomas Adcock: Merry Murderous Christmas!

Death Row ADAM LANZA (top row, left) is America’s newest notable mass murderer. Adjacent is Nancy Lanza, first rampage victim and the killer’s own mother. Middle row: legally purchased semi-automatic weapons. Bottom row (from left): Mike Huckabee, former Republican governor of Arkansas, who said Mr. Lanza’s schoolhouse killing spree occurred because “we have systematically removed God from our schools”; Congressman Louie Gohmert, Texas Republican, who wants more guns available to more Americans; William Bennett, former U.S. Secretary of Education, who says schools should now have armed personnel.     Merry Murderous Christmas!Read More
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Der amerikanische Autor und Edgar-Gewinner Thomas Adcock hat in den vergangenen Wochen exklusiv für CULTurMAG in einer wöchentlichen Kolumne den US-Wahlkampf begleitet. Nun ist die Entscheidung gefallen, Präsident Obama wird eine zweite Amtszeit das Land regieren. In der letzten Folge seines “Campaign Diarys” zieht Thomas Adcock eine erste Billanz des Wahlkampfs und des Ausgangs der Wahl.                                                        REJECTED by American voters last week (from left to right): the disastrous presidency of George W. Bush; homophobia; the stupidity of Sarah Palin; anti-science boobs; the proto-fascistRead More
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Posted On Juni 8, 2009By Gisela Trahms

Thomas Geiger (Hrsg.): Laute Verse

Wer eine Anthologie herausgibt, muss mit einer Menge Gezeter rechnen. Warum sind gerade diese Autoren vertreten? Warum jene Texte? Und überhaupt ist das ganze Buch zu dick / zu dünn / zu elitär / zu Mainstream / zu einseitig usw. Thomas Geiger hat’s trotzdem gewagt…Read More
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Posted On Mai 7, 2014By Die Redaktion


Neue Platten von und mit Da Cruz und Wye Oak, gehört von Thomas Backs (TB) und Tina Manske (TM).Read More

Posted On Juli 3, 2013By Thomas Backs

Halbzeit: 181 Tage 2013 – Alles Elektro, oder was?

Warum müssen Rückblicke eigentlich immer im Winter veröffentlicht werden? Das Erreichen der Jahresmitte ist doch ein treffender Zeitpunkt, um einige Glanzlichter aus den vergangenen Monaten mit Pop zu würdigen, dazu gehören auch Fundstücke aus dem Netz. Eine kleine Bilanz zum 30. Juni zeigt, dass die ersten 181 Tage 2013 einiges zu bieten hatten. Der Autor dieser Zeilen durfte dabei sogar zum zweiten Mal nach 1987 ein Comeback des New Wave-Projekts Visage („Fade to Grey“) erleben. Und das bleibt nicht der einzige Moment, an dem wir uns hier in die frühenRead More
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Posted On März 27, 2013By Thomas Backs

British Sea Power: Machineries Of Joy

Vom Tonträger-Verkauf kann in diesen Tagen fast kein Künstler mehr den Lebensunterhalt sichern. Konsequent erscheinen die Wege der Engländer British Sea Power, die nicht nur ein eigenes Label mit Online-Shop betreiben. Als Veranstalter wird vor allem in Brighton zu regelmäßigen Club-Nächten mit alten und neuen Songs geladen, nach einer Serie von EPs entstand daraus der neue Longplayer „Machineries Of Joy“. In Kooperation mit der BBC und Regisseurin Penny Woolcock setzt die Band nach „Man Of Aran“ mit „From The Sea To The Land Beyond“ zudem das Schaffen im Bereich FilmmusikRead More

Posted On Februar 20, 2013By Die Redaktion


Neue Platten von und mit Atoms For Peace, Sandra Kolstad, Lloyd Cole/Hans-Joachim Rodelius, Savages y Suefo und Dubvasion, gehört von Thomas Backs (TB), Ronald Klein (RK) und Tina Manske (TM).Read More
Silicon Teens: Music For Parties

Posted On November 21, 2012By Thomas Backs

Daniel Miller und Fraktus: Music For Parties mit Studio Braun

Sorgfältig vorbereitet hat das Kollektiv des Studio Braun die Inszenierung der Elektro-Pioniere Fraktus, die 2012 ihr großes Comeback feiern. Mit Kino-Film, Longplayer und T-Shirt-Verkauf. Thomas Backs stellt aus diesem Anlass die Verbindung zu Daniel Miller her, dem Gründer des Labels Mute Records und Entdecker von Depeche Mode.Read More